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Tears of The Buddha: Spirituality & Emotions trailer

This is a trailer for Tears of the Buddha: Spirituality & Emotions, a feature-length documentary that explores the spiritual path through the lens of emotion. Director Joel Lesko interviews modern spiritual teachers to find out how their teachings apply in daily life. Are emotions an impediment to spiritual attainment? Do emotions trap a seeker in the personal self? What about so-called unspiritual emotions like anger and hate?

For more information about the film and to watch it online now:

Tears is a serious look at an area of life that is often confusing and painful for people in spiritual practices because spiritual teachings about emotions have a direct impact on daily life. Some teachings suggest that we orient towards emotion as an energy that moves through us. Others, remember we're the capacity for emotion, but not the emotion itself. What if we are emotion in our essence? How would that change our spiritual practice and daily life?

Rather than yet another documentary about a teacher's enlightenment or awakening, Tears of the Buddha questions age-old teachings about emotions and leads to an important conversation about individual selfhood - is it real or is it an illusion? Lesko shares his own experiences and interviews leading teachers including Gangaji, Eli-Jaxon-Bear, Jeff Foster, Daniel Barron, and others.

From a review by Fred Davis, Awakening Clarity:
Joel takes us on a grand tour of how a wide array of spiritual teachers view emotions. One of the things he wisely points out is that although many of the teachers appear to be saying the same thing, close attention will prove that they are not. Each teacher represents a specific paradigm. If and when we closely align ourselves with that paradigm, we are aligning ourselves with a version of truth. There's nothing wrong with that, but we need to be aware that it's taking place. This film is worth your money and your attention.

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