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"Art of Allowing" ~ Student Works 2014

My first painting class - The "Art of Allowing" is an intuitive painting process that is guided by the divine feminine. To immerse ourselves in the deep listening of our own soul, we allow her whispers and wisdom to flow through. This is a beginning course in which step by step instruction is presented on how to paint the feminine face, yet each woman is encouraged to express in her own unique and original voice. The real impact of this course is the soul work of excavation and profound wisdom that emerges as a result of letting go of the critic, for only then can the ground of Trust nurture what is asking to be birthed in each of us. As you view these images, allow yourself to sink into the beauty of the spirit being transmitted, for each woman has traveled to the forrest of her soul, returning with potent medicine for herself, and for the benefit of all. For information on future courses, see

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