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At 4:05pm on March 29, 2010, Alexa said…

Hi dear Ed! Just stopping by to wish you a good day and many smiles ahead. Have been wrapped up with things, but hoping to catch up soon!! And we do have 3 or 4 new members, so site is growing!! love and hugs. alexa :)
At 10:48pm on March 13, 2010, Alexa said…

God bless you, Ed!! cosmic hugs and blessings
At 10:46pm on March 13, 2010, Alexa gave Ed Howes a gift
At 4:00pm on February 27, 2010, Ed Howes said…
Calling All Facebook Members!!!

We all sense the source of good and bad luck. Increasing good luck is not difficult. Become more aware of it in our day to day and more grateful for it. Simple enough. Yet John Edward Tang has been blessed to improve the luck of all he comes in contact with. A friend talked him into spreading this luck on the internet so he created a Facebook group called The Luck Leaders. I invite all my Awakened friends to join this group. Sooner is better. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info&gid=295929195853#!/group.php?v=wall&gid=295929195853
At 1:13pm on January 9, 2010, Ed Howes said…
Thanks Sis,

I look forward to the link and photos. Given the location, I can't see a problem selling it at a fair price, even in a down market. In today's Mercola newsletter was an item about the happiest states being in the sun belt, although NM was not mentioned among 4 which were. Love and Blessings X 10,

At 12:39pm on January 9, 2010, Alexa said…
Hi dear Ed! My property is in Santa Fe. It's such a beautiful home. When the realtor gets his photos/video taken and posted, I'll get you the link so you can have a look!
I'm feeling a bit sad to let it go, but at the same time excited. I built it from the ground up myself with so much love and joy and it is such a special home... soooo sweet, kiva fireplace, mexican saltillo tile, great vistas and tons of love. But at the same time, I completed what I had to do there and Spirit said it was time to move on, though for me Santa Fe is magical and will always be my "home" on the planet-I now carry inside of me. And for the house, it will now become a beautiful home for the next person or people. :)
So that's the long of it! But I'll give you the link when it's up.

Hope things are well. Enjoy and see you later.
At 2:49pm on December 24, 2009, Sarah Sunny said…

Dear Ed,
I am sending Christmas blessings of love, peace, joy, and abundance of all good things to you, across the miles...!
Enjoy this time of extending Peace outwards!
Merry Christmas,
At 5:15pm on November 26, 2009, Sarah Sunny said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ed!
Hope your day was filled with love, peace & abundance!
At 7:16pm on November 16, 2009, Alexa said…
Blessings to you too Ed! your FB adventures sound fun and inspired. wow. hope to cross paths again soon. happy nite!
At 11:25am on November 15, 2009, Alexa said…

Hi Ed! I'd love to see your One Happy Planet project. But I just can't get myself to sign into Facebook, it feels like too much to do!. But I know it's "your place." {sigh}
In any case, thanks for the word, and sharing the great response. All looks great! And though we do miss you over here, now I know you have been buzzing around busy with your home base.
Big hugs and if I do get the energy I'll try to check you out over there as well. But nice to connect on Tweetie!
Have a great day my friend!!
At 10:04am on October 31, 2009, Alexa said…
Hi Ed. Your pic is great, just great. And here's the real deal for your little guy today. He is sooo adorable. Hey, have fun and be blessed. So cute! xo alexa

Have a great day Ed!
At 12:36pm on October 30, 2009, Junnie Starshine said…
Hi Ed,

Are you familiar with Wingmakers.com ????

Here's the link to their video, watch it and EXPLORE!
Right up your Cosmic Alley.

At 12:01am on October 30, 2009, Junnie Starshine said…

Good to be BACK!
At 6:46pm on October 18, 2009, dean meason said…
Ed, are you genetically prediposed to glaucoma?
At 3:29pm on October 18, 2009, Alexa said…

Hey Ed... so happy to be enjoying your adventure into social networking. Looks like you're doing pretty well so far! Have a wonderful day. :)
At 2:50pm on October 18, 2009, dean meason said…
Wellcome Ed, would love to hear more abour your restored vision
At 5:58am on October 18, 2009, Junnie Starshine said…

Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.
Mark Twain

Ed, So glad you accepted the invite, and I'd like to personally WELCOME YOU, my good friend.
At 11:04pm on October 17, 2009, Alexa said…

Welcome Ed. Wow, how wonderful your vision had been restored. Congratulations, and we are so blessed you found and joined us here. I haven't read/re-read the Seven Spiritual Laws for quite some years. Now my curiosity for it is re-kindled.
Enjoy the site and wonderful to meet you. Welcome aboard!

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