Meditation is all about being aware and conscious in our actions. Any action performed with awareness becomes meditative. Drinking tea can be an altogether different experience if we drink it consciously and with awareness. When we drink tea with awareness then it becomes a meditative experience and is as good as a meditation.

Zen people often have elaborate tea ceremonies where they drink tea with lot of reverence and awareness. In these ceremonies tea is prepared with a lot of love or awareness. One is not in a hurry to prepare the tea but is enjoying the process of preparing the tea.

They are present in the moment while preparing the tea. The whole attitude is of preparing tea for a buddha or for one's beloved master. We can be present in the moment easily if we don't want to achieve any thing from this tea meditation. The ambitious mind is always in a hurry as its enjoyment lies in achieving its goal. But here there is no goal and one can enjoy preparing the tea as much as one can. Let enjoyment and relaxation be the criteria while preparing tea. Let there be attitude of devotion towards tea or one can be totally aware while preparing it.

Secondly when we are drinking the tea, then we are enjoying the tea and we are total in our experience. We can enjoy anything only if we are present in the moment. We are listening to the sound of the tea being poured in the cup. We are aware of the hand movements while picking the cup of tea. We feel the aroma coming from the tea, Sipping the tea slowly, feeling the warmth of the tea, its taste, its fragrance. Putting the tea cup down and being aware of it. Being aware of everything. Being in the present moment totally. The whole experience is meditative.

~Sarah~drinking tea in awareness of being in the Now~
~present moment
~only moment

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