"You may not like me but... " an activist's motto

Donald Trump Jr. cuts off animal's tail and poses with it to show off.

"You may not like me but...." an activist's motto
by alexa major zipf
Notes on Soul Loss, Activism, Misusing the Law of Attraction, and Speaking Out.

a shamanic heart speaks 
I posted the above story on my personal FB page this week and someone brought up a good question today, and that is: why do we share these types of stories? it was their opinion that "giving attention is giving energy." here is my feeling. deep in my heart and soul.
for me not giving attention to the suffering or destruction of our animals and earth is denial. like with any other atrocity on this earth, war, rape, people going hungry when there is plenty of food, the extinction and use/abuse of the animals here and our earth's resources and environment is something that clearly needs our attention and care, even if it is difficult for us to see. how can we turn a blind eye? we have to be aware. of what is going on. in order to change its course.
suffering is difficult for all of us. so these images strike a cord. but they are not just images. they are real atrocities. happening in our world today. and if we were being killed and cut apart would we want others to look away, should this type of unconsiousness and insanity go unchecked?
there is suffering in the world. and yes, it is painful. but change cannot happen without awareness first. I feel the pain as well. we all do. this man (and much of his family in fact, I've watched documentaries on how his father operates, forcing poor people out of their homes, and desecrating the natural ecosystems to build huge commercial conglomerate ventures, and his sons, at least his one, so clearly have no identity of their own. it is SAD) this trump kid needs help. he doesn't even know that what he does is insane. and we all feel that pain here. we do.
moreover, these beings are also our deep deep breathen and kin, who otherwise have no voice. I have always had a deep calling to help the animals. as long as I have been alive and aware on this earth, since my childhood. and I will not abandon them now or ever. or turn away from their suffering and senseless destruction of our animals and our world.
I disagree too with the trend going round that we must look away from the suffering in the world, that somehow that is bringing energy to the suffering, and not the resolution, which of course is nonsense. that is denial. we cannot heal what we don't allow ourselves to see and feel. we live in a kind of daze and denial when we try to avoid completely what is happening in our world, and calling for healing, care and change, and to name it. that is abandonment and spiritual bypass. it's all a big misinterpretation of a deeper law and meaning, the real law of attraction. and it is mistaken. 
we **must** be aware of what is happening in the world to change it. but sometimes, when it is too much, we take breaks too. and for some on facebook, or elsewhere, we see so much every day, there are times we do need to take a time out. we rest. self care. and honor that. so for another, it is too much today. I understand that too.
but for me, like many of you, I am an Angel and an activist. the plight of animals is one of my deepest callings. this breaks my heart too. and I need to express it.

expressing this is not only healthy for me, it is a part of my communication and my calling. ~ I saw this post today, and I had to speak out. for myself. as well as to bring awareness for them.

(and shaman know, as in any of the recovery traditions, that Awareness, with a captial "A" is precursory to any type of change.)

we must continue to express and act upon our feelings, they tell us what is right and what is wrong. fully. in order to heal ourselves. and help recover our world. 
so we must sign those petitions. and speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. this is the path... of recovery. it is an action path. peace~ out.

shamanism too is not a path for the faint of heart. we look. we see. we feel. and we act. we know and love our world deeply. with intent to bring it back to Wholeness. and to Love.

namaste ~

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