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At the end of this week we (my hubby and I) will be heading to New Mexico one last time (at least one last time as a resident there) to close on our old home and get the rest of our stuff, a few things we left to stage the home. wow, this is closure. I feel I have already done this energetically over the past couple of years, but we now have to make this last trip and I am feeling those final ripples of saying good-bye to an incredible chapter of my life so far. saying farewell to the wonderful memories there, and allowing the completion of the shift and the let-go. I met my wonderful husband in New Mexico, met a great Nagual (in person and in the Dreamtime) who changed my life, held and lived my dream job at the time, and connected with Spirit and Self in ways I can never disclose or fully express. It was a remarkable journey and calling of a lifetime, and Eric and I lived there for 11 magical, amazing, awakening, powerful years. But the selling of our old home there is good news!! Sweet deep Mother Santa Fe raised and changed us both, and She will always be our Home on Earth. But it was also time to leave the nest, and head back out into the so-called real world to bring both our medicine and reunite with aging family and connections out in the world. So. Deep breath. I built that home from the ground up. My magical home in Santa Fe with the sacred Sangre de Cristo Mountains in open view. We watched shooting stars the night of our wedding, and had special friendships with soul and spirit family that we shall never forget, and always cherish. I actually put sprinkles and charms into the physical foundation of our home when it was being ground-broken and set, now many years ago. And I had many magical memories and wonderments of love and joy there as well as completing an amazing period of inner-growth and healing. And I (both of us actually) were also, when it came time, ready to move on. With love and gratitude and so much deepfelt reverence for all that She was and is to us, in our hearts, and souls.

So I am also celebrating moving forward, forever carrying Her magic and earth and air in my body and soul, wishing the new family happiness who is moving into the home I designed and built, to be happy, enjoy and create there. As their own.

So as I do this, and as I truly catch up with my Self in the Present, I feel grateful and excited too, that the old special home at 1 Golden Feather Place is sold. And I remember the song I heard just after I purchased the property there at that special address on that special little street, "If you ever find a golden feather, it means that you will always find your way back home." And with Santa Fe now forever in both our hearts, and with Her blessings to move back out into the world, I know that we always truly will. And I am overjoyed with a feeling of real freedom as we go about this final release and celebration.

This video is my celebration of being in the Now, and being fully free.

Wa-dooo! We sold our (old) house.

below, our beautiful front porch from our beautiful beautiful first home in Santa Fe... I will miss you!

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Comment by Alexa on April 27, 2010 at 7:11am
dear Marianne... this is all GOOD news!! very good news!! I am very happy.
Comment by Marianne on April 27, 2010 at 6:20am
Have a safe trip, Alexa. There has to be a good reason this is happening with your beloved house in NM (other than the financial reasons). Keep the faith, my friend.

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