Some mornings I am gifted with inspiration for the day, and this morning I was especially gifted from my friend Janet over a cup of coffee.  Janet is one of those lovely beings whom spirit shines through all the time when I look at her, even though she sees herself as “cloaked” – her gifts and powers not always visible to everyone.

She looked into my eyes for a few moments and then said “You know, I was just seeing that you were a magnificent tree in a past life.”  This thought stopped me from chattering on about what had been happening on my last retreat, and brought me into a state of reverence for nature, for myself and for the spirit being that I am.  She then asked me to perform a shamanic journey in the near future to help her with her spiritual growth and to understand the obstacles that might be on her path. 

Oft’ Truth does not its fragile face bestow,

Still with winter’s blanket, ‘till it senses loving glow

These words just came to me as I write this, bringing my mind and emotions into perfect alignment, and I am grateful for this inspired experience this morning.  Om Shantih.

In a state of reverence, peace and joy then, I start the day.   On the way home from breakfast, I was glowing and then thinking about a recovery meeting I attended yesterday morning.   It too was another one of those beautiful, revealing experiences for starting my day, and I felt this inspired glow as I helped a friend, who had been staying with us, prepare and depart home for the airport.   And then I reflected on how peaceful and joyous my day started out then too.

There were some wonderful ideas that were brought forth in that meeting yesterday that put my mind on a higher plane.  

One idea was about how far we have come (physically, emotionally, spiritually) from those days when our addiction left us unable to even look at our own reflection in the mirror without disgust, and how the mirror was a symbol of our inward path and spiritual growth towards a state of compassion, surrender and loving relationships.  Today the mirror is the “eyes” of every living being, and I see myself there, in wholeness and holiness, and I’m inspired to hold compassion in my heart for others and myself despite all of the ways I judge or act out.

There was another idea offered at the meeting.  This one was about a sewing machine that’s sketchily plugged into an outlet with several other cords, and when she often goes to use it, she has to bump the machine so the connection gets going.  Instead of taking the time to pull out the machine and fix the plugs, she continues to just use the bump and hope method to get it going.   This example was offered with the idea that we all are in a similar situation spiritually – we sometimes need adjustments to get our spiritual energy connection working again.   We haven’t yet taken the time, figured out how or taken the right steps, to get a good solid connection to our spiritual center, our true self.   This idea gave me more inspiration to stay connected to my practices of morning pranayama breathing and meditation as a way to start the day.

Being so inspired by ideas, however, has a drawback: it makes me wonder how others who really need this inspiration in their lives could find it.   If they had experiences like these, would it make a difference?  Could it help them grow spiritually?  If these don’t make a difference, what would?  Is life essentially happening “so fast” and “to them” that only the most devastating events can penetrate?

I spoke to a beloved family member on Sunday who works 7 days a week, long hours, and hasn’t had a vacation in years.   Dedicated to the company’s success at the expense of his health which is rapidly failing, he is in pain, addicted to pain killers, can’t sleep and has little time for much else.   I asked him if he remembered how he loved to go out for walks in the desert or spend time learning new things or relaxing with loved ones.  He said these were distant memories.   I asked him “who is the essential you today?  Where are the parts of you that you loved?”  I said if you want to find them, you can – they are all still there, just fogged over and waiting for you to come spend time with them, love them again and breathe life together.”

I hope it will make a difference.   I believe if we but listen to the messages coming through to us – from others, from nature, from our true self, from spirit – perhaps we will sense the warming glow and allow our inner truths to bloom for ourselves and others.  If we but speak the truth that is in our heart, allowing spirit to speak through us, we will be a shining light for someone who needs to find the path for today.

Speak your truth in a kind and gentle way.  Listen to truth about yourself in a humble and compassionate way.   Inspire and be inspired each day.

Om Namah Shivaya,

Narayan, April 2011

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