Wolf Medicine & The Power of Direct Revelation

Wolf Medicine & The Power of Direct Revelation ~ Shamanic Living

This is a Tibetan wolf's tooth that found it's way into my life when I first moved to Maryland. It was found in a Tibetan shop across the ocean that was being cleaned and swept, in a dusty old pile of sweepings. Then it found it's way to America and into my hands and heart and medicine bag.

It is a power tool and a treasured totem and friend to me today, a fierce heart-protector, a tribe -n-pack connector, and I have used it in ceremony to cut away old threads and strong cords that simply do not belong.

But mostly it is medicine that accompanies me deep in my heart, and let's me know directly and powerfully that I have fierce protection around my sensitive (empathic) heart when I go out into the world, and that I am never alone without my pack or tribe. I wear it on a red satin cord that connects me to the great Sisterhood, to all things wild, and to Her.

A word about animal totems ~ although we may first learn about animal medicine from the internet, books or medicine card decks, all valuable and wonderful teachings, I still love to read them sometimes too, ultimately we must get to know our animal guides firsthand, for ourselves, and take what we have learned elsewhere and let it go with trust that we ourselves will come to know and feel firsthand the messages that are truly meant for us. This, as with dreams, is how we cultivate our personal recognition of the true meaning of any sign or totem for us.

When we establish a personal connection to animal wisdom in our daily lives, by listening and feeling into our own intuition and knowing, then when we are blessed by an owl feather, an eagle's cry or the still gentle presence of a deer, the deepest messages and meaning will begin to come to us as gifts in our hearts, and will begin to take root inside of us, re-awakening and expanding our inner knowing and wisdom connection to the Earth and all living things. visible and invisible. We will become the medicine keepers that we are, and begin to not only know, but embody, the truth and the Way.

Shamans call this the gift of Direct Revelation. and in Shamanism, we learn quickly that direct experience becomes our greatest Teacher and our mastery too. This is the true Path and the Way.

When among the presence of animal Totems, out in nature and in the world around you, Pause. Deepen. Listen. and let SPIRIT show you the way.


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