Wish Jar Meditation, by Alexa

Take some sacred time out today or tonite to really enjoy this ritual. Be sure to have at least an hour when you can sit with yourself in relaxed and uninterrupted time and space.

Sit in your sacred space. Light a candle and play some soft soothing music if you'd like. Take a few deep grounding breaths, and open your sacred space in any way that you like. You may call in the four directions, invoke your guides, or simply invite Divine Spirit and Loving Presence into this space with you.

You can do this practice with art supplies in tow or visualize the process in your imagination. It is always up to you. But it is fun to do with a real jar and materials to decorate. You can also then set the jar on your altar or in a special place you love, like in a sunny window.

You may want to do some drumming or shamanic rattling first to really bring yourself calm and present for the next hour or so. Take your time. However you like to settle-in. This is your sacred prayer and dream-time. You may decide to stay here much longer than you originally thought, because it feels so good. Simply follow your own process and rhythms. And enjoy.

Now, invoke and call in your Angels. Ask them to come, invite them in, to see you, hear you, and hold space, and to receive the prayer you are about to create and offer for their divine assistance. Tell them you need help, and ask them in any way or words that come to you. There is no wrong or right. Just invite them in and speak from your heart. Smile.

What you are going to now do is to imagine your current challenge coming into resolution in the most wondrous way. Really explore the possibilities for good to arise. See it, feel it happening, feel the joy in you as the situation transforms into love and a vision of joy and light. See the challenge magically unfolding into a divine inspiration and a gift. Feel your joy and gratitude as the situation resolves.

The deeper the challenge the longer you may like to spend with this. Whether it takes a long time or is a lighter issue and moves very quickly doesn't matter. Simply enjoy the process, the feeling of having this happiness and healing and blessing in place. This is your prayer.

Next, take that prayer in all of it's goodness and yumminess and hold it in your loving hands. Hold it as the precious dream it is and feel your gratitude and love. Take the dream that's in your hands and pour it gently into a wish jar. Feel the love you feel holding this vision and holy prayer. Imagine the details, take your time, and Put it all into a wish jar. Let it go. Let it all go into the jar. Then... give it to the Angels.  

Your angels are just waiting for you to turn over the entire situation into their loving hands for divine repair. Let them take it. See the resolution. Smile. Breathe. Close your sacred space with gratitude and love. Honor and thank the space and Presence that is always with you. Then, let it all go. And go on with your day or night.  
Repeat as needed, but only if really needed.

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