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Why Worry? It Will Happen As It Happens! (True Story)

Yes, I am working on "no worrying". And I AM getting better, less worrysome There once was a time when worry was a way of life for me. I suppose it was rooted in a lifestyle of pure chaos. But this journey out of worrying is indeed challenging.

To this day, I worry if my husband is five-ten minutes late coming home even though we are having a terrible rain/snow storm. Worry comes at the smallest (meaning "unimportant") times, too. Looking back at my life in chaos, I often laugh about the things I used to worry about!

Perhaps sharing with all of you how I'm releasing that 'worry bug' will also help me.

Discovering that my life was filled with lies has helped.
Listening to the storyteller in my head has stopped (well, OK......I'm trying).
Following Buddhism has helped tremendously. (Before Buddhism, I had given up an any/all philosophies/religions).
No more must-do's, should-have's, could-have's, if only's, why-not's, why-me's, I can't's.
Making wise choices; choosing what will make me happy/content/at peace.
Loving more and giving more is a true blessing.

I'm now learning that "what will be, will be". The Universe is in control, I'm not!

Perhaps this little Blog will assist some of you who read it.


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