When we met, you lifted me up.

I felt so good about myself.

You showed me things I had never done.

You taught me to take risks.

Most of all, you taught me how to love.

As time pasted, our love became predictable,

Lacking progression, and finally lacking emotion.

I began to see the toll our love had taken on me.

The sacrifices I made.

The life I threw away.

The greatest damage has been to my confidence and self esteem.

The love you gave me, that raised my esteem and allowed me to soar,

Is now the love that has stripped me of my confidence, self esteem, and respect.

I no longer soar.

I hide.

Alone in my bed.

Waiting for a stolen forbidden moment with you.

I can not be this person anymore.

I can not fix you.

I can only fix me.

Our fateful love has turned toxic.

We see what this is doing to both of us.

Yet, we embrace our love daily.

Someone must make a stand.

Someone must decide things will change.

I made so many changes in my life.

I had hoped you would be the one to chose to make changes in your own life.

I have waited,

Painfully heartbroken,

In hopes those changes would occur.

I’m still waiting.

Heartbroken and crying.

I must make the change.

I must be the change.

I started to make changes and stopped

And waited

For you to follow….

You did not….

So now I turn from you,

My heart breaking.

To continue on my path of change.


I pray


You will find me.

And we will continue,


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Comment by Sarah Sunny on October 29, 2010 at 11:09am
Wishing you a love, that is pure, real and what it is supossed to be.

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