What Should We Fear: Fear or Flu"

I watch the news bring every little update about the Swine Flu and everyone making sudden adjustments from what they hear. Suddenly people are afraid to extend a hug or a warming handshake. But what is more dangerous media hype or the common ordinary flu that people are fearing to be the swine flu? In many cases, it won't be the flu that brings fear to the city. What will it more likely be is a bad case of the common cold. Fear will be the deadly virus, not some weird mutated virus from a pig. If we take the time to extinguish a bit of those fears, then we won't get sick. Media will make things sound worse then they really are. I personally try and limit my news viewing just because what the news can do beyond just spreading information. I watch it enough to keep up with the world, but not enough to be sucked in. The ones glued to the news as much as they can are the ones that will get sucked into media hype. They will be the ones that get sick first. The interesting thing is that it won't be from a pig. It will be the biggest virus of all. The virus that the media feeds on, FEAR!!!!

BY D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age: 33 5/1/09

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Comment by dean meason on May 2, 2009 at 12:22pm
Prudence and fearlessness go hand in hand.

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