What is your Wish for the New Year?

A wish is like setting an intention. A wish is a prayer from your heart. A wish already has the passion behind it that can bring it into reality if you believe it is possible.

Think about your wishes for the New Year ahead. If you could have one or one-hundred wishes come true this year, what would they be?

If you can conceive it, and believe it, you can achieve it.

Let our wishes for this new year fuel our Intentions. Let's bring these intentions into our physical world.

What are you intending for this new year to bring to you and your world?

Think big, dream big, and give yourself permission to believe big!

List your wishes/intentions in the "What is your intent?" discussion thread. I am starting a special "2010" section there, and will charge it with a special energy for manifesting and fun.

Dreams for 2010. Hope to see you there!

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Comment by Alexa on December 30, 2009 at 12:16am
Thank you velvetviolet. and Happy New Year to you too! Have a bless-ed new year my friend.
Comment by Alexa on December 29, 2009 at 10:37am
Hi Marianne... the Group sounds great (as always). I also honor and support your intention in Spirit. Hope you'll join in the thread too over the next few days.
In the meantime... it doesn't surprise me that we are having similar thoughts and ideas. We're all on the same Path, and the field is Ripe and Connected for all of us Awakening consciously together at this momentous time. So glad you're here.
Love and Blessings to you today, my wonderful friend. You R a treasure to me.
Comment by Marianne on December 29, 2009 at 10:03am
Hi Alexa:
Are you reading my mind? I've been thinking of starting an Intention & Gratitude Group here. It's my firm belief that :
a) when we are grateful (even for our demons) we make spiritual progress
b) when we 'set the intention' we are more likely to see a difference in how the Universe responds to our wishes/needs/desires.

My own Intention (for 2010) is simply to continue on my path to spiritual maturity. That will assist me in conquering my own demons.


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