This blog has to do with keeping Ning free, no matter what those greedy corporate people who run Ning want to do. In the next three months they will take away our free services. They want to put the Ning sites on a paying basis. We pay
enough for our Internet, whether it be DSL or cable, without the companies on
the Internet trying to get more money out of us.

Here I change tack, addressing Ning directly. Why don’t you just get your money out of the ISPs the way they do on cable or satellite TV, or sell ad space the way the commercial cable networks do, or like you have done the last several years? It’s grossly unfair to take our free networks
away from us. If you wanted to make
money from it, you should have charged
us from the beginning, like GoDaddy! did.
Of course people wouldn’t have bought your product, but that’s the
breaks of the commercial game. It’s one
of the risks you take when you start a commercial enterprise. You’re acting like the drug pusher who gives
away his product until people get hooked, and then you start charging them an
arm and a leg for your “service”. It’s mean and grossly unfair. Many of your customers are disabled who live
on very limited incomes, and just barely manage to scrape together the $25 per
month for DSL service, and the Internet is their only outlet.

I wish we could sue you, Ning, for breach of contract. But I predict what will happen. You try to charge us, and people
will vote with their feet, or rather, their fingers. We will walk away, and your only customers
will be a bunch of greedy merchants who will blame you for taking their client
base away and stop paying for sites or ads..
You will all go broke, and no one will shed a single tear over your demise
as a going concern, because we’re shedding our tears now, in anger, because
you’re taking our ning away.

Don’t do it, Ning, you will regret it. I was chatting with an old friend of mine, who is a Reagan Republican, about the situation, and he surprised me. I had expected him to take Rosenthal’s side, but he said that Rosenthal made a very poor business decision in taking away
the free services while concentrating on the paid services. The free customers are more likely to come
over to the premium services if he retains both. This way he’ll lose a lot of his premium
customers, and won’t gain the new ones he expects to come over from the free
side. Let’s prove my friend right,
folks. Boycott the site of anyone who
breaks with us, and buys his services, unless Rosenthal decides to change his
mind. Boycott both Ning and anyone who
buys his services. Go, Ning, go away, because we won’t pay! I was going to have you email me about the
time frame in which they’ll commit this travesty, but it turns out that they’re
going to be doing it during the next three months. Find out Jason Rosenthal’s address, either
snailmail, or email, and pelt him with letters and emails. I do not recommend death threats, as angry as
you may justifiably be at him. Just
state how evil he’s being for doing this.
When you find either his email, or his snailmail addy, let me know in
comments on this blog. I wanna write him

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Comment by Alexa on April 20, 2010 at 6:21pm
I also want to be clear -
have heard from one person they may offer something super=low for existing ning creators. like, $4.95 or something. If this is the case, I will be doing this, no problem. One reason I haven't announced anything about it here is b/c of the fact: we don't know yet. There is no use speculating until they come out with the actual proposed costs and what may be offered to existing nings.

I have also heard, confirmed, from a woman named Jen, a former ning co-director, who is very nice, very good person, (no, not our jenn here), but the ning jen seems also concerned about this and all the networks from what I gather. She announced that the ning ceo has posted that there will be no changes for a min of 10 weeks once the announcement is made, which is scheduled to be soon, May 4.

Then we will actually know something.

So we can hold tight. And somehow I feel confident that something graceful may come and we'll be just fine. I will definitley let you guys know, if you haven't followed it already yourselves, as soon as I can that hopefully, there will be no worries here.
Comment by Alexa on April 20, 2010 at 5:58pm
thanks VelvetViolet. I hope we can stay.
Comment by Alexa on April 20, 2010 at 5:15pm
I checked out another free one called "Spurtz." But gotta tell ya, it is worse than Intent re: glitches and slowness. A pain in the butt technically and not working well. Also, the interfacing is not very clear or nice. They're still too new and working things out.

Ning has done well to work through its tech stuff. This network runs better than most sites I have seen that have interactive capacity actually. (for those who know, remember Intent? It's still super slow and can't get around there at all).

I agree, Ning already makes their $$ here by the ads on our pages. and plenty of it from the looks of it. More advertising here than on a FB page. The old CEO was great and a visionary. But there's a new one, and he is soo "corporate bank type" greedy mindset, gross energy. Where they got him or why I do not know. What I do know is I am doing my best to keep this one intact. Have been looking around for a move=space. And so far, nada.

(I also wrote them, what would happen if twitter or FB suddenly said "now you have to pay" - everyone would leave.) with ning, they are losing their rep and all and I said too, will become a fad of the past if they don't square up). So we'll see.
Comment by Marianne on April 20, 2010 at 5:02pm
I never even heard of .ning until I joined this one. Recently, I joined another .ning site. But surely there are other FREE websites we could move to.......if it comes to that.

Comment by Alexa on April 20, 2010 at 3:48pm
am apprised of this too, Tegwedd. From what I hear, the decision will be announced May 4, and all networks will have 10 weeks to decide what to do.

I am determined to keep this one intact. It is too important and there is too much sacred sharing and connecting here.

So for our members, let's don't worry. And keep positive thoughts. Am hoping it will be, like, $4.95/month or something. :)

I was angry too. This new guy has horrid energy and vamping the original vision and promise of NING. But am sending him some secret "light" energy. And hoping they will keep it cheap so I can afford to keep us, easily and freely!!

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