I want to sell my sfe home, easily and effortlessly within 100 days. (June 1st start date)

I want to easily find and connect with the realtor who is going to sell it.

I wish for a happy person to buy my old house, their new home, someone/people who will be happy there and love it! Someone or people who will be so excited to purchase it..

that house is truly special and blessed.
Happy Homebuyer of 1 Golden Feather Place
(wow, that's hard to say. It's hard to let go of my first dream home. I built it on my very own.)
I wish to manifest clarity about selling my home. In the meantime, may the Universe care for this completely, knowing the bigger picture, and making it all well and successful for us now.

May this transaction serve the greatest good and happiness of all involved.

A happy, easy home sale.

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Comment by Eric on May 1, 2009 at 5:26pm
AWESOME vision board!

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