Easy fellow midlifers...I'm not talking about what you think I'm talking about. This post is about our brains. You know...the organ on top of your body that we should be using to direct our lives (in conjunction with our hearts). Here is a post from one of my favorite health professionals, Dr. Mercola.
Your brain needs exercise just like a muscle. If you use it often and in the right ways, you will become a more skilled thinker and increase your ability to focus. Here are 5 simple techniques to exercise your brain.

1. Minimize Television Watching -- Watching television doesn’t use your mental capacity OR allow it to recharge. When you feel like relaxing, try reading a book instead. If you’re too tired, listen to some music. When you’re with your friends or family, leave the tube off and have a conversation.

2. Exercise -- Time spent exercising always leads to greater learning because it improves productivity during the time afterwards. Using your body clears your head and creates a wave of energy.

3. Read Challenging Books -- If you want to improve your thinking and writing ability you should read books that make you focus. Reading a classic novel can change your view of the world and will make you think in more precise, elegant English.

4. Early to Bed, Early to Rise -- Nothing makes it harder to concentrate than sleep deprivation. You’ll be most rejuvenated if you go to bed early and don’t sleep more than 8 hours.

5. Take Time to Reflect -- Spending some time alone in reflection gives you a chance to organize your thoughts and prioritize your responsibilities. Afterwards, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s important and what isn’t.

So, I'm adding number 6. Yoga. Different yoga poses and consistent yoga practice help to enhance and keep the central nervous system, including your brain, healthy and happy.

During my midlife crisis each of these 6 items has been a challenge at one time or another. Keep them in mind as you bounce through your days.

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Comment by Alexa on November 2, 2009 at 4:12pm
Well, the "Easy fellow midlifers" did get my attention today. "I don't wanna think of myself as a midlifer, I don't wanna think of myself as a midlifer!" lol -
and then again, truly, I am so learning to embrace it. It has it's plus-es too. I love where I am today on my inner path. I wouldn't go back!
For the most part. The little wrinkle around my mouth is kind of bugging me. ;)

nonetheless, enjoying your blogs. and am there with ya, my brother!
Comment by Joe Clark on October 31, 2009 at 9:31pm
Same here, Sarah. I seem to go 2 or 3 nights in a row without enough and then I crash. I will say that yoga does help me sleep better.


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