According to well-known spiritual experts throughout the different ages and places; nothing so coordinates the faculties and enhances the true prestige of man as an unfolding sense of higher perception and values. In order to succeed on this supreme effort our soul has to get rid of a multitude of anxieties and perturbations. Also to deny the constant play of opposed forces to our spiritual development. The lives of great spiritual leaders have proven many times that when man finds the inspiration from the Supreme he has always found the necessary strength to harmonize opposing vibrations. To become an spiritual man or woman we have to be fully aware that the true strength and beauty of daily mental actions have to be under the rules of our Self . This sounds such an easy and enjoyable task, but believe me is one of the most difficult actions ever made by us.

 This Self has responded to aspirations and made us aware of its existence and supremacy. A magic spiritual life has to touch our hearts and brains. It is when we even partially succeed on this when we do our best to fully live a dual life. We fulfill our responsibilities from our physical beings with gusto and also we, in a very humble, patient and harmonious way, dedicate more time to our daily mediations because it is from them where we obtain sweet and strong energies. We feel like a blooming red rose unfolding so God can smell its wonderful fragrance and also enjoy its beauty.

A great master said something about this topic:

”He who is desirous to learn how to benefit humanity and believes himself to read the characters of other people, must begin first of all to learn to know himself, to appreciate his own character at its true value”

This master also said: “Read and study for there is an object” ”Study and prepare” Preparations means experiencing life. Experiencing life in the ordinary sense is not our answer. It is inner self who must interpret in an appropriate manner every single of our life experiences. We must also think in all of our accumulated karma. It is the vibration of our inner personality which takes a higher measure and becomes a point of attraction for higher forces. This is indeed the secret behind THE SECRET.


This has been one of my most difficult writings, so my humble suggestion is that spend some time mediation upon the above, With supreme eternal love and true appreciation.


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