Under how many trees have you found peaceful enlightened moments?


   As a child I was extremely lucky every time I visited my grandparents’ home on my mother's side. The main reason is that there stared my long loving relationship with books. This place had at least twenty different kinds of trees plus a lot of plants. Recently I've just discovered that our yards had for a very long time, since the Spanish conquest a great variety of trees. All of these traditions had come from the Arab-Jewish influence observed in Spain. So there were many fruit trees: Guava, tamarind, lemon, tangerine, orange (the bitter kind) and some non fruit trees plus strong pleasant fragrances from albahaca, peppermint, rosemary, majorm and many other fragrant plants, and the smell of the sacred soil especially after rain. Imagine being under those trees smelling many different kinds of plants and reading some books of Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas, Miguel de Cervantes Sávedra, Thomas Mann, Emilio Salgari , Jules Verne, Taylor Caldwell and many others.

           These experiences made me time traveling to far away places. I don't know why really, but to me the most beautiful trees is the ones you still find in amazing India. I strongly believe that counting with a tall tree and studying under it will bring many pleasant Déjà vu- During day time trees release a lot of vital oxygen and inside this element is the invisible very powerful life force. I feel sorry during spring time when a lot of our children are indoors "studying" and outdoors there are very sad trees because they "know" of the supreme harmony and affinity they have for children and children have for them. What a pity!

 A true tree lover.


Posted by Garima S

I remember a few trees that offered me peace. I remember one the most in particular that used to attract me a lot and when I would go near it, all my worries would disappear. There was a peace and calm that cannot be put into words. Unfortunately, the tree got cut because they were doing come construction in that place.

Posted by Ravi Kopra

"If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? "We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason." 'Deep Thoughts' by Jack Handey Well, trees don't feel pain, but are wise to it, and use it for defense. We all have suffered the bite of thorns, and the kiss of poison ivy, and other nasty plants. Some believe eating meat is bad, but there are carnivorous plants. So there, trees do battle. A forest is a battle field where trees kill each other over sunlight. To decipher the language of trees is to travel on a path to perfection. A tree's asymmetry is in perfect harmony, A sublime symphony of gestures, A lesson in eloquence and silence, An infinite variety in a green monotone. Trees teach meaning sans symbols, wisdom sans knowledge, ...and trees teach life in action and love that needs to touch: immersed in the peak days of a Pennsylvania autumn... gold and brown and purple crackling playfully underfoot, cascading reds blessing faces turned to a pale, blustery sky, branches supporting the intense deliciousness of wild grapes, a banquet of calories strewn for wandering deer in lavish, loving satisfaction, guardian squirrels welcomed and secure on high perches, noisily scraping, debris dropping downed logs blooming with fungi, offering balance-beam pathways for hurried chipmunks, the scent of organic impermanence rising as a gift. Trees teach life, sensuous and intertwined and inseparable. Living and dying. Advancing and receding. Rejoicing. Ravi

Posted by Adriana Ochoa

The Tree of Life, The Tree of Knowledge, The Joshua Tree, The Giving Tree, and the Dragon Tree are all mythological and factual stories and symbols of this vital member of our planet and consciousness. Trees have so much mythology and legend surrounding them that they are unsurpassed in this regard. The tree gives of its oxygen, fruit, wood, shelter, shade, and knowledge. The Magnificent Tree possesses the following virtues: Knowledge, wisdom, sustenance, beauty, fruitfulness, solidity, unity, faith, interconnectedness, understanding, protection, good health, wonder, happiness, endurance, creativity, nurturing instincts, and the power of giving.

Posted by V C Chatterjee

Trees mean a lot to me. I can always feel the connection. In ancient India, it is said educational institutions were located in forests (not to mean deep, wild forests). The atmosphere, ambience that these surroundings create has a profound effect on us. Sadly, today deforestation is taking place at a fast speed! V C


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