1.Buy or gain access to a good etymological dictionary such as the Concise Oxford.
2.Note down words you are interested in seeking the origin of and look them up when you get the chance..
3Look up a word which is familiar to you, such as "nostril". It will amuse you no end to discover that it's derived from two words "nose" and "thirl", the first one meaning (of course) "nose" and the second one "ho...
le", thus "nose-hole" (get it?). The dictionary should tell you which language both words come from. The reason "-thirl" became "-tril" is through a process called metathesis (a word of Greek origin and another one to look up!).
So in teaching children.Why wouldn't you teach them the true origins of writing?ALL writing.It would insure that we wouldn't be leaving behind a collective of people that follow suggestion into lies and selfishness.It would mean symbolism ,math, sequencing thought in the TRUTH of creation would be rationally the norm.Yet not to many elementary schools seem to have any etymological dictionary's next to the Webster dictionary.Nature of words are the nature of our minds.Is this not true????

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