I graduated from the metal framing carpenters union here in california and that's when I woke up.Building spandrel along with just about all other construction techniques.I was told to watch the towers fall again.This was one of the most emotional moments of my life.Because the physics that I knew where completely turned upside down.The first thing that, many years later,I would say about truth is that we all should realize the greater symptoms.That takes ,with no doubt,vulnerability within self to share pain.Because we all know that the human race has a huge disconnect with nature.This disconnect is easily seen.The earthquake and tidal wave of 2004 is a good example.The indigenous Indians of the Nicobar and Andaman islands (no contact with the rest of the world) sensed the danger,went to the mountain tops while all others that were civilized couldn't sense a thing.This disconnect led to their deaths while natures connection allowed the Indians to live.We in truth of today hurt because of the slow manipulation of man by those who seek covet means and their story is a rabbit hole of pain.For the history of man that we know is a distorted lie.We must all personally find our connection through these studys of history and find our true origin as human beings and how science is coming full circle in showing us what shamans have been telling us since the beginning.With this, the truth of most all manipulative groups becomes easier.The fact of their ultimate goal becomes easy to see when the true nature of our planet and our minds is remembered.

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