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Toltec Wisdom: What Story are you creating? by Misty A Summers

the following is a blog by Misty A Summers


What words are you using? What story are you telling yourself about those you love? Are you still believing the voice in your own head?

What story are you telling them about you? Your words have power and when you speak about things, those you love tend to believe you. What should they believe if you tell them you are not good enough? Do you constantly apologize? Do you show others how much you care for them using your words? Do you show how much you care for yourself? Are you building up or tearing down? Are you using your intent to make things happen or casting doubt to dissolve?

What does your story sound like when told by someone else? Do you still believe that the story you have written is true? Can you change your story? How? Are you sharing poison or power in this moment? Are you aware? Are you listening? Are you watching and observing what others are believing about themselves? About you?

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