Today I feel strangely at peace with the world. I was going to try and please all people today, go to a garden show with a friend, go and help out in a friends shop, accept an invite out, I have to do this, I have to do that, I have to go there or here. so many things I needed to get done today.........

But then I thought, NO, i don't have to do any of these things. So I spent an enjoyable few hours pottering in my craft room working on a new design, I tidied up after myself and then thought I'd spend an hour on the puter. I've been in the garden, I've done a crossword, I've sat down with a friend and had coffee.

Thanks to Alun's post again (thanks Alun you're my hero) I am nurturing myself today. I had oatbrits (like weetabix) with banana for my lunch (because I can) and rather than think how boring life is because I can't settle to anything, I'm going to think how lucky I am to have the time to do anything I want, when I want.

The 2kg weight gain (after weeks of extra walking and a good diet) is all muscle. I know I have to keep track of what I eat because it is so easy for my diabetes to go out of control and if I keep the blood sugars down then I can stay off the meds. I'm not dwelling on it and I am positive that things will settle down soon.

So today there is no guilt over doing nothing, there is no thing that needs to be done today, everything will be done in my time and at my pace. No one thing will worry me today. Shortly I will gather up the things needed to make a beef casserole, I will take pleasure in preparing the meal for dinner and if my son doesn't turn up on time then it will all go in the freezer and I won't have to worry about next weeks meals. Its no biggie.


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Comment by Alexa on September 20, 2009 at 9:35am
hey jan, I just wrote a little "today" post too.

and you are so right, so right. There is nothing wrong with doing nothing that "needs" to get done.

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