I seriously doubt Alexander Hamilton and James Madison had any inkling their strong central government would be privatized at wholesale prices and become master of states and citizens. Fortunately it is not too late to correct their error.

The Client States of America have accepted their client status, since the great Lincoln military coup declared Washington, D.C. the only American sovereign. This considerably lessened responsibilities of state government and citizen oversight of federal affairs. For 140 years we have been quite comfortable in our irresponsible freedom while the national government has been thoroughly privatized at taxpayer expense. It is now time for fifty state governments to step out of the welfare line, look to the inspired among the state citizenry and take control of the runaway national train. We are all jointly responsible for the gross corruption of national government over seven generations of Americans. While the stock market and the American economy self correct, it is obvious by now the national government was sold to private interests in 1913 and never self corrects. Private, corporate interests have little to no compassion for planetary life anywhere. All exists for their profit. The time is long past for their disempowerment and no mass movement is required to make it happen.

With the hindsight of constant generational wars, we can pinpoint the flaws in our foundational law, the U.S. Constitution. One such flaw is the clause, to provide for the general welfare. To a national politician who only changes careers for corruption and incompetence, this clause is an invitation to pass legislation he or she has not even read, in the name of the people or the general welfare. Every war is fought for the good of the people, regardless of cost, direct and hidden or karmic. The citizen ends up with full responsibility, no power and the price is paid by generations yet unborn. All because the citizen has loaned both name and credit to a government which despises him/ her simply due to the permissiveness of blind trust, the entitlement of no politician or bureaucrat. This whole master - servant relationship can be put right in two years or less.

If all national legislation had to originate with the states, no more corporate legislation could be passed in the national legislature. The national government is rapidly approaching its nine trillion dollar credit limit, it should never have been allowed in the first place. Cap it where it stands before it is raised in the routine manner of deficit budgeting. Let us demand a twenty year paydown of that national debt, increasing annual revenues by lesser interest payments, or repudiate the debt created by those who would be masters of the universe.

Let us demilitarize and denuclearize national defense by strengthening the state militias or National Guard. The lesson learned is standing armies and unlimited credit create offensive and preemptive wars not possible on a responsible budget. Let us change the cruel and unusual punishment clause to forbid cruel punishments, usual or otherwise, like locking people in cages and destroying the economic viability and emotional stability of criminal dependents.

Let us put a stop to war mongering in all social programs. No more war on drugs. No more war on poverty, no more war on crime, no more undeclared war on family and fundamental survival values. Each was lost before it was declared, at huge expense to hapless taxpayers who do not know enough to rebel due to severely controlled and restricted educations to keep them ignorant of the full extent of governmental corruption. Let us make it a high school and university graduation requirement to write state and national constitutions making those in existence organic and progressive documents, not icons of bygone ages as we now have. Let educators evaluate and grade such constitutions and submit all of the top ten percent to the public and state governments.

Let all government apply current and future technology to total transparency and citizen forum discussions of proposed legislation, supplemental public fund raising. That is, let us apply the best minds to righteous government regardless of age, citizenship, nationality or culture. Let us fully fund legislative staff revue boards for this purpose. In other words, let us move from eighteenth century central government to a fully democratized and open, new age republican government. We have collectively suffered more usurpation of political power by the merchant class than any society can bear. We have stepped into governmental quicksand created by a century of neglect, indifference and dispassion. A few thousand patriots and state legislators can lift us from a terrible, godless fate of corporate exhaustion and discard upon the corporate dung heap. Who will take up a worthy cause for a far better world? Who would set a new example for righteous government?

Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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