Genocide has been the preferred means of population control for thousands of years and it can be exceedingly subtle. In China it is the one child policy. In the United States it is forced poverty. While it is most easily seen in our prison population, we find it most unpleasant to look there, so let's take a huge step up and look at native reservations or inner city ghettos. Through the eyes of puppets and their masters, these people are called "useless eaters". That is, they are despised by the white, blue blood, global aristocracy and their government servants. God did err in their creation. Whatever was He thinking? Poor white trash is one step up the old country club ladder from the poor of color but no less despised. It's all about priorities, you see.

How do we murder people with poverty? Poverty, in prisons, ghettos and reservations increases day to day mental and emotional stress, raising nutritional requirements to maintain health. But poverty does not allow for improved nutrition and ignorance cannot demand it. Health deteriorates in a matter of a few years and the only health care available is of the lowest quality, befitting our throw away societies, though it's not much better for the "great" middle class. So people who do not get hooked on drugs and alcohol will likely not live beyond say, 50 years of age. Those with drug habits are done between 30 and 40 years. Thanks to the stress of poverty and use of drugs, violence escalates and even the young often die before they can reproduce. It goes without saying the reproductive rates of prisoners are sharply curtailed. Malnourished children without fathers are less likely to become mothers and fathers due to the attraction of crime and violence as a means of survival and the likelihood of incarceration.

Sickly people are more frequently sterile and less likely to reproduce. When a pregnancy occurs they are more easily persuaded to abort. It is only a guess but I believe we can reduce the numbers of any unwanted group by more than half in two, twenty year generations. To less than 1/4 in three. We could wait 60 years but we won't. We'll throw a war or two, or three and recruit our undesirables as a priority. Ever notice the racial demographics in the armed forces do not match those of the general civilian population?

Aren't you glad you are in the middle class and only poor people get what they deserve? Did you know there was no middle class intended in the United States from its beginning? It's an unfortunate accident and a serious threat to the "upper" class. Too easy to work their ungracious way into the country clubs and spoil the fun. Why don't we send their jobs across the oceans and way down South? Done. In another generation there will be little left of the middle class. Just a lot of poor people with college degrees worth less than today's high school diploma. All of us minding our business and doing our jobs, if we are the privileged poor, that is.

What if us victims do not like this plan? We can put a pistol in our mouths or wait for someone else to do it. We can eat the corporate food and corporate medicine and drink the poisoned water, but that's quite slow and miserable for the last 10 years or more. On the other hand, we can choose not to be victims. Toxemia, malnutrition and starvation are all pretty much words for the same things. We can choose survival. After that choice is made, we have options of comfortable survival. The sooner this choice is made, the better our odds. What then is a good survival strategy?

Like real estate, it starts with location. What will life in your city be like the day the trucks stop rolling? If you can feed yourself with stored foods, will you have some for your hungry neighbors? If the only water is not fit to drink, will you store beer or have a pour through filtration system that will turn foul water potable? If you have enough filtration capacity, you could be the most popular person in the neighborhood - for a while. Or maybe you could get an important government job and you will be taken care of.

Part Two To Follow.

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Comment by kashzka mucha on April 12, 2010 at 5:50pm
It's true, what Val is sayong - I am in the same boat - empaths have a difficult time adjusting to situations as these...
Comment by Ed Howes on April 10, 2010 at 8:46pm
Hey Dean, Seeing it is certainly the beginning of the fix. Just enjoyed a 5 segment David Icke video where he explains all their power comes from keeping our focus too narrow to connect the dots and when people awaken in a matter of a few weeks of study, they say "Why didn't I see this before?" David's response is to block out his peripheral vision with his hands and says. "They had you viewing things like this." Very perceptive fellow. I feel those of us who are expanding the view of folks should be working as teams with the light workers, but the light workers do not seem to be concerned with awakening, only ascension and the shift. Seems they are willing to leave the sleepers behind.
Comment by dean meason on April 10, 2010 at 1:20pm
American Autogenocide. Ed, when we see it, we can fix it. Thanks!
Comment by Ed Howes on April 10, 2010 at 12:26pm
Thanks Kashzka, This is the result of a Facebook conversation with Clark Robinson. He got excited by what I was telling him and said I should lay it out so anyone could understand it. He had supplied me with a link on my wall that took me to a detailed explanation of American Autogenocide which was a challenging two hour read and I remarked that no one needed all that detail to understand the problem and I had a criticism or two of the article and the author's conclusion. So he essentially assigned me the writing of this article and being the obedient servant, I Am, I went straight to work on it. Saw it was getting long and decided it would have to be a multi parter.
Comment by kashzka mucha on April 10, 2010 at 12:48am
Looking forward to part 2, Ed...but I like how you're able to combine all this information that's out there, and put it in a logical, understandable manner. A job well done! is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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