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July 2009

Life Lessons

I’ve pondered for the past few days of, what do I write, then I had an incident occur the other day and then I realized ‘Good God… There is such a thing as Divine Intervention!’
Which brings me to the thought of – We are not here by mistake – We as human beings have been placed on this earth for a reason.
Some of us knew our purpose in life at a very young age, though some of us have taken half our lifetimes to figure out what our purpose is, and some of us may never know our purpose.
But know this! Each and every one of us has been properly placed on this planet!
We are here to learn and to grow, and whether you understand this or not, learning and growing is an ongoing process!
And for those of us who do understand, and have our hearts open to this, also know that Divine Intervention, what I deem as a power greater then myself, is always looking out for us and is constantly at work.
Even when we’re open to learning and growing, your Higher Power may throw you a curve ball every once in awhile. This to let you know that everything, no matter what it is, eventually will work out for the greater good! Con Mucho Carino

Get Fit – Fit Tip

Lately I’ve run across several articles that are mentioning that when trying to shed pounds, weight should not be the primary focus. One’s focus should be that of making changes towards a healthier lifestyle while getting in shape. Hence, the result will be a drop in weight.
Don’t forget when making those healthy lifestyle changes to include your cardio, some type of stretching and of course your strength training. Also, feed yourself well. You know those carbs, proteins, and healthy fats.
And don’t forget, get your rest and try and spend some quality time with yourself each and every day.

Great Read

Eat Pray Love
Elizabeth Gilbert

What a lovely read!
I thoroughly enjoyed this!

ISBN #: 9780143038412

Thought to Ponder

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Newsletter # 26 Much Love

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