This Is What I’ve Learned
May 2009

Life Lessons
So one thing I noticed when living in Chile for two months, what is now five years ago (unbelievable), and the one month in the Yucatan, eight years ago, is extremely synonymous with what many people here in the U.S. desire. Ready for this? Many people would like less weight on their body and more money in their bank account.
Is this not true or what?!?
The weight thing has to do with eating well & healthy, and getting your workouts in, but many times what holds an individual back in this weight thing, in my opinion, are those psychological factors. Way too much info to be shared in a little newsletter!
The money thing, listen to me on this one. Track your $. Keep a ledger if need be; you might be astonished as to where your money goes. Pay yourself first each and every payday; 5%, 10%, 15%, this means living on 95,90, or 85% of what you make, chose what works for you. Set your financial goals; start small if you have to.
These concepts, and many others, are feasible.
This is the stuff that is preached by financial gurus such as Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. Written in books in the likes of The Richest Man in Babylon, The Courage to be Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, and this month’s great read.
Like many things in life, there are methods to accomplishing what you want, this includes taking weight off your body or putting more money in your bank account. The question now is, ‘Are you willing to do the work?’

Get Fit – Fit Tip
BIA, or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, is one way of checking one’s fat mass as well as one’s lean body mass. BIA is a little device that when positioned on the body, will send a very slight electric current through the body, thus determining the mass’s. My experiences with these machines are not all that accurate.
WHR, or Waist-to-Hip Ratio, is of course one’s measurement of their waist and their hips. According to research, one’s body shape and where one carry’s the majority of their weight can be an indication of heart disease. Researchers have found that if one carries most of their body fat around their waist area, this can increase one’s chances for heart disease.

Great Read
The Four Laws of Debt Free Prosperity
the chequemate story
Harris, Coonrade, & Nelson

Loved, loved, loved this read!
ISBN#: 0965287408

Thought to Ponder
“Any fool can get money but it takes a wise
man to keep it.” Chequemate

Newsletter # 24
Much Love

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