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March 2009

Life Lessons
Have you heard about the movement called ‘Freegan’?
Freeganism is a complete boycott of today’s economic system. Freegan is compounded from the words ‘free’ and ‘vegan’, where vegans are individuals who avoid consuming animal products.
Part of this boycott movement is that freegans shun purchasing products from one ‘bad’ company to support another ‘bad’ company. So as freegans foraging is the alternative to buying. Also, by foraging, one can steer clear of being a ‘wasteful consumer’. This meaning that freegans are extremely aware of the wasteful nature of the average U.S. consumer where we live in a society that encourages the constant replacement of older goods with newer goods.
Foraging, also known as ‘urban foraging’ or ‘dumpster diving’, involves rummaging through the garbage of retailers, residences, offices, and other facilities, looking for usable goods.
According to foragers, the goods that are found are always safe, useable, clean, and typically perfect or near perfect condition.
Some of the goods found consist of food, beverages, toiletries, books, magazines, kitchenware, appliances, furniture, videos, and music cd’s, just to name a few.

Thank You Freegan.Info Web Site
For The Added Information

Thought to Ponder
“No human is immune to trials and tribulations of life.” ukn

Get Fit – Fit Tip
I have this vein on my left wrist that I occasionally watch. To me it is absolutely amazing! I watch it knowing that the body tends to be much smarter then we make it out to be.
What helps to keep my body functioning? Among all the stuff in our bodies there is this little thing called ‘electrolytes.’ Electrolytes are important because they help maintain voltage, positive and negative, to help keep our cells and organs operating properly. Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, and Bicarbonate are just a few of the electrolytes utilized in the body.
Next time you pick up a sports drink notice the wording on there where electrolytes are mentioned. You see, when we sweat, we tend to lose electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, so sport drinks have added electrolytes, thus to help our body function properly.

Great Read
Battlefield of the Mind
Joyce Meyer

“Far too often when people get depressed, it is because they are in need of something, and they seek it in the wrong place, which only adds to their problems.”

ISBN #: 100446691097

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