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This Is What I’ve Learned
January 2009

Life Lessons:

Twelve years ago this January, I had a husband who walked out on me. Many of you know this about me though many of you are completely surprised when I mention I was married at one time. Unknowingly to me today, despite all the trials and tribulations, I would not change anything for the world. What follows is a poem I wrote shortly after he left me. To this day I distinctly remember writing it at three o’clock in the morning as if it were yesterday; tears streaming down my face. I’ve actually performed this work several times in classes over the past twelve years, always with phenomenal reviews. Now, I’m ready to share it with you and the world! Do enjoy, and know that I truly, without a doubt in my mind, appreciate each and everyone of you crossing pathways with me in this journey we call life!

I am not your typical woman – I am my own woman
Struggling through this life like none other – Wondering what’s going to happen next
We never know.
Gaining my independence – Becoming my own person…
The strength within will see me through.
For you see – NOBODY in this vast universe will ever take anything away from me…
I will maintain my dignity – My self-respect – And my own individuality…
I will survive – I will survive
Emotionally I’ve been dragged through the mud – Cried tears from places I never knew I had – Counted all the many ways I could end my life…
I’m dead
I will survive...
For you see – This is my life.
I will rise above you and all the others – I will make my life worth living again – And I will find the true happiness within me…
Because in a twisted sort of way – YOU – Have given me the strength to move on.
Struggling through this life like none other…
I will carry on…
Slowly becoming the best person I can be – Setting out to achieve the many goals I have in life…
And giving to the people who are worthy of the one thing in life that is free…
My Love…
For you see…
I am not your typical woman…I am my own woman!

Here’s to a beautiful year!!! Newsletter # 20 Much Love

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