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The UNIFICATION PROJECT is a non-profit organization committed to the healing service for all humanity by spreading Universal light, love, peace, brotherhood, friendship, and encouraging spiritual enlightenment and growth, enhanced by the diversity of its membership of committed healers striving to be a helping hand in alleviating illnesses and poverty, to preserve and promote an inclusive respect and sacred regard for the laws, races, creeds, religions, Nature and the environment of the communities and countries in which it serves being established as a program with the goal of the unification of ethical global interests.

The UNIFICATION PROJECT is guided by the desire to internationally partner with healers from around the world to serve the greater good of all life:

•To serve as a cooperative bridge between countries observing appropriate governmental regulation

•To promote understanding and respect for the diverse cultures of the world

•To acknowledge there are many sacred paths of spirituality

•To centralize and address qualifying healing interest bringing services to those needing urgent healing help and support

•To promote peace with the greater objective of the healing of humanity and the Earth

•To promote the working situations of its members using innovative healing methods, observing and respecting the honorable dignity of their professions

•To enrich the well being of all life on Earth, human, animal and the environment


Officially - My task in the Unification Project....

Dear friends, lightfamily,

I am here as Divine Light guided by the Higher Self to start the Unification Project as an organization, just as I was guided to do.. We are all servants of The Light (lightworkers), given different tasks to do. Here, outlined briefly, are my the points of my mission,
for understanding and coupled to The Universe is synergy for logic and system.
My blueprint for the organization is the logic and system;
to encompass brotherhood and friendship for the human experience.

My task is to invite the many groups and bring them together under the roof of the UNIFICATION PROJECT. This is so that we can be stronger to bring changes for Law makers. To set the foundation for spiritual healers/missionaries to insure their safety in the countries where they work. The task of UNIFICATION PROJECT is to do Public Relation work with Governments and Political bodies. To confer with them on necessary points to Charter the Project in order to connect member countries requesting assistance. My role within the organization stands between the normal
regalements and the spiritual issues (group & healers); to unite for a
stable foundation on which the workers can carry out their tasks with safety under the protection of the law.

It is good to spread and bring the groups together,

Embracing the Light of Love and Peace

many abundant blessings to you


~~/|\ ~~

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