The trees and us and the Kabbalah*
Back in November 2008 my wife and I were on the way to the Lee Outlets in Lee, Massachusetts and I was observing the trees along the Mass Turnpike and I belted out a large laugh...and my wife said, "what is so funny?" I said, "You would not know," because she is only an old traditional Italian woman like her mother, which in my opinion the both of them see what is as is and nothing further., remember not all old traditional Italian women are like that just my wife, mother-in-law and folks on my father's side of the family. What I was laughing at was the trees. Did you ever notice when the trees lose their leaves they copy who we are? Take a gander what I am about to say...The branches are the neurons, the trunk is the spinal cord and the roots are the ganglia or solar plexus region. Now this is how I got my premise on the subcon(subconscious awareness). This is where we get our truths, beliefs and Laws of Attraction and intuition...your gut feeling to some. If you feed the roots well they travel up the trunk and help in the growth of the branches the same as the ganglia gets positive feedback and believes it is the truth and sends that message up the spinal cord and gives birth to new neurons....The flip side of this is if you have a negative attitude or limited attitude your DNA shrinks and immune system shuts down and you only utilize a limited amount of your brain(not mind). With the latter of what is said because your DNA shrinks and immune system shuts down you get sick and eventually from that sickness you die.
This to me and me alone has an interesting characteristic of what God gave Adam at the birth of Adam, The Tree of Life or the Kabbalah.What do you me it seemed funny at the time but still in all I had another epiphany back then...
Remember all you folks this is my opinion and truth and no one elses because I see fit that that is what that is. If you enjoyed the reading, I say, "Fine." If you did not, I say ,"Fine, too." My being here on this planet is not to sway any ones truth towards mine seeing I am a physical being that someday will perish but for the meantime I search and I alone for the TRUTH of my being which to me is Spirit and see it for myself only.
Peace All(+) Dom DO-ZEN FRO-ZEN with ZAZEN on the HORIZEN in my ZENDOM

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Comment by Dominic on December 29, 2009 at 7:00pm
J G the biggest part of my Italian is my name but being raised with them so is my NEW YOOORK style Rodney Dangerfield...I get all kinds of respect when I look in the mirror....LOLOLOL...enjoy J G(+)
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