Here I’m referring to the master of mysticism; dynamic action after thinking which path to take. My humble experience with life has given me the following conviction:

“It is when we show a genuine and strong desire of self-improvement and we have tried several mental-spiritual approaches when we have been able to have discovered something very valuable.”

The serious search stared on my fifteenth birthday. In the year 1991 I had the chance to share my discoveries with dozens of people from all walks of life by becoming their guided meditation instructor on a weekly basis. I learned to add personal experiences to these instructions.

The present article was born precisely because of the urgent need to be a reliable guide to me, so if you discover it useful free feel to imitate this.

To my mind came the following thought regarding the correct elimination of our bad habits and at the same time the creation of new ones, to serve as substitutes of our bad habits. What different techniques should we use? To my mind immediately came this idea; if our sense of smelling is the one that remembers the most, then why don’t we use it in order not to lose sight the correct elimination of our bad habits working together with the use of affirmations? Well, these affirmations must be logical and posses the goal to benefit many more people and not only ourselves. Let’s visualize the numerous benefits on our love ones as we eliminate this bad habit.

    Affirmations prerecorded using a triple repetition and having a four second pause interval between each similar affirmation and accompanied with harmonious soft music together with the burning of first quality Indian incense. On my fourth year doing this I was amazed at how the positive results were accomplished when this was carried out during the two days of our moon signs.

It is during these two days which lasts the moon in our natal moon sign when our subconscious mind is like a powerful sponge, it doesn’t ask questions and it easily accepts logical suggestions, never commands. Our intuitions belong to this mind. This is why our intuition has been our reliable guide.

   Our action is to share our experiences using this technique; so many more people have the advantages and great benefits derived from these basic actions. Please share your experiences with us.

With immense waves of brotherly sincere love;




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