It Starts Locally - and Fits Globally

There has to be local community sustainability on all levels - with global awareness regarding - replenish and protect.

Money and greed has bred selfishness and vilified NATURE.

There is no compassion with major corporations - and they pull the strings of government - previously with sleight of hand - and now more obviously.

Why let them continue - ALL actions of those not in line with the commensurate good shall perish.

The Problem

The Bigger Problem
- Lifestyle Behaviour Modification (Sec 6 . c)

The Moderator said...

...I didn't focus on the banning of herbal remedies in this blog post, but Senate Bill 3002 (Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010) is currently in committee and that bill would regulate/ban herbal remedies and vitamins.

As for the mandate, this Executive Order 13544 would be unconstitutional on its face if it specifically mandated lifestyle behavior modification of individual people. Nevertheless, the Council formed by this Executive Order will determine policy and provide coordination and leadership at the Federal level, and among all executive departments and agencies, with respect to prevention, wellness, and health promotion practices, the public health system, and integrative health care in the United States.

One of the Council's duties is to determine the list of national priorities to address lifestyle behavior modification. I highly doubt that the President would have created this Council if his office did not expect to enact its recommendations. When these recommendations are enacted, they will then become mandates.

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