The Spirit Of A Great Musician - Barry W. Bittinger


I am a welder, but I have been away from welding for a while. I am a cancer survivor, I have had cancer 3 times, but I made a mistake that saved my life all three times. I work on construction equipment, weld, repair, operate, etc. I am also a country music recording artist, my music can be hurd at I have recently composed a song entitled Obamarama my music can be found on jukeboxes under K for k jig boone but I am having a problem getting them on some j boxes even though the songs are available, I am licensed as a recording artist throught BMI. my songs are at the j boxes but not always loaded up. people hav to request them I think. I'm hoping my Obamarama song will change things a little.

K JiG Boone on iLike - Get updates inside iTunes

Obamarama is my 39th song and 28 published song I currently earn about a dollar a month from my recording endevors (or less) LOL!!

On my welding side I have seveal welders miller, lincoln, buss box and portable, I also am now doing mig, not tig yet, but slowly getting back into the swing of things after a deadly bout with cancer. Thankfully I can say I have defeated cancer by a mistake I made while wtd (waiting to die) I made a simple mistake that saved my life. I was dieing one night and wa la completely alive again the following day. t was not something flakey, only a food I happened to eat. actually I made a mistake and ate to much. after the first bout with cancer upon getting cancer again, I just repeated the mistake and the cancer was distroyed almost imediately. I have had the priviledge of helping several others defeat cancer. but it is still hard to convence people that there is a (Cancer cure) anyway welder, mechanic, musician, cancer survivor, clown, nut, That's me!

Lets all stay well!

Your Friend.

Boone Doggie

Meet Barry W. Bittinger, AKA Boone Doggie, K JiG Boone on Talking Rich

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