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OK this is my take of many years and seeking within with those years as it all culminates down to one moment in a Greek diner with a conversation with a waitress.I happen to be in a Greek diner today when I noticed and older woman in front of me complaining about her meal as she did not want to pay for an onion and a tomato slice that was not on the menu that should have been...did I miss something?.. OK Now during this bickering session the cashier asked me if I needed to be served right away as I said "No. I am retired and I have the rest of my life in front of me." Of course they both looked at me with a smile but stayed put as I wanted to know how this was going down. In the meantime the cashier said to the lady of about 78-79ish in years, "if you do not pay I will have to call the police." The older woman was adamant in paying so she did not. I thought to myself, WOW over 20 cents worth of tomato and onion that she will not pay for and at McDonald's they will hold back on it if you wish. But this was turning serious but comical as the cashier got the woman's license plate number and called the police. In the meantime I was seated and forgotten. Until I noticed the waitress who sat me down and asked,"Does anyone work here?" So she got me the waitress that does my table.

The waitress was all in a fuss about how she got stiffed over a lady with a tomato. Bingo as here we go. I told her that is in the past Now and you should drop it as no need for explanation. As the only moment that exists is Now. Now her pretty little eyes opened in happiness as to say "who is this guy?" So I start to talk about the subjective reality and ZEN and KARMA and all of those Spirituality things I love talking about. As I then told her about the NOW and being fixated with it and there is where the Soul lies and IT reincarnates IT-self to come back into the being because the physical being looked at too much material and was possessed by it in an objective reality from the previous life. And then I told her that all things die out and the Soul keeps coming back to do this over and over again as when we are 7-8 we wish to belong and 17-18 we conform to the outer world because of a ridiculous thing called peer pressure and then it skyrockets from there as Now we are slaves of our material world. This comes in the forms of us being worried about things, guilt that we did something wrong and fear that someone will take it all away. I told her this is what ignorance does to you eventually your immune system gets weaker, DNA gets to shrink and you die in a six foot hole and have to come back in a different human, man or woman. The Soul takes no preference. I told her this by the means of the Tibetan Book of the Dead as we choose our parents to be here.

OK Now she tells me about the Soul being energy and I say yes because of Al Einstein's Law of Relativity and energy as e=mc2 and the e is energy and the m is matter and the c squared is light multiplied squarely that goes through the matter. I told her all we are are holograms with light passing through us at an incredible amount of force and power but it goes so fast we cannot see it doing this. Then I told her about the Soul on how this manifests IT-self like God made the image of Him/Herself in the physical like Jesus did. She is in awe. I tell her "so you see IT is really not you this person IT is also the Soul and whatever brought you here right NOW was the Soul that guided you on this path to make you stronger. I said to her "the future we cannot see but because the Soul brought you here right NOW then your future is much brighter to see as you stay in the present. I then brought the fact up about do you think the Soul is going to let you live in crap and have a rotten life. I say "NO!" Why? You have just acknowledged the Soul here NOW positively. See it?. And she was beginning to see IT. So she got so fascinated with me talking about the subjective reality and the Soul and I also told her about how to get there with a subconscious reality being in the positive even if she had to fake it. As this is a shift in Awareness and Now IT points back to the Soul for ITS journey inward. I told her she was a giant positive sign as to through out your arms and see this as it is your attitude that the force in front of you that draws you positively and when you resist is when you get sick and old and die before your time. And told her that she should be grateful that all the things that got her right where she is right NOW is the start of her positive life inward. She said I get NOW.

OK with this in mind she said "so the Soul keeps coming back to do it over again until the physical gets it right by finding IT within and not without and whatever is outside is just an illusionary platform for a reality that cannot and should not be touched. I said "BINGO". NOW after this conversation I paid the check and went to the rest room and thought "WAIT A MINUTE. IF THE SOUL KEEPS COMING BACK AND I HAVE THE SOUL IN ME, AND HAVE BEEN BELIEVING IN THIS SUBJECTIVITY IN THE NOW, THEN THE NOW RESETS OVER AND OVER AGAIN AS MANY NOWS AND THE SOUL IS THE CENTER OF ALL THE UNIVERSE.BINGO ANOTHER EPIPHANY AS THIS IS THE FINAL STOMPING GROUND AS TO ENTER ETERNITY WITH THIS SOUL,YEAH I GET IT!!!!" So I tell her just exactly what I just wrote and she thanked me for talking about this as she felt Enlightened and told me just like GROUNDHOG DAY with Bill Murray as this is where all this energy comes from and NOW I can see how and why the Universe opened up for me back on 17January1985 as it was the KUNDALINI with balanced lobes in the brain and when you have balance everything around you drops dead at zero and you have become Enlightened as you became your own reset in the NOW. All over a tomato and onion that a woman of 78-79ish might have to go to jail for. WOW what a Universe.

I immediately went to the carwash and started rinsing my car off and gave out this big laugh and said "I FINALLY GET IT!!!! 1985 has never left me as well as the 1975 episode with the helicopter. It was just a stupid bible, belief system and upbringing that made me not expand more into Consciousness and leave the subconscious which is the belief system that I grew up on.YESSSSSS!!!!! I see it NOW."

When you have Consciousness there are no longer belief systems as you are your own TRUTH in NOW your own hub in your own Enlightenment as you are finally Awakened from that dream you use to call Life/Death. ps:this is a true story and happened Friday the 28thMay2010

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