The Soul in the Awakening*

This is my own personal opinion on how we came about into this reality which is about subconsciousness. Into this world we were manifested by a Soul which came from Consciousness. As the Soul wanted so much to prove its existence in the physical it became just of that. So in the beginning of all-that-is came about through this thought of Consciousness and created something out of nothing like painting a picture with a blank canvas and winging what you have with the True Light it was dealing with. It seen an illusion that was attracting with particles of darkness but with these particles of darkness when shone the Light on it and in uniformity it was created. IT wondered to IT-self that if IT shone the Light on IT, IT would created IT-self to a being. So in the process of doing this IT created man and splice IT-self into woman as to almost a duplicate copy. But something had to be taken a way as to be given as well.

Now with all this going on all these things outside IT-self were made with knowledge and were to be left alone as the dream would start if touched and many years and aeon's of suffering would bring about changes in the beings as they continued to play and portray players of the times in the subconscious dream and only few would escape this dream as they found IT-self. In this dream the players would be of great attraction and lesser attraction and even in the things they would have would be as well. As they struggle for dominance they would allow their arrogance rule them and lose their Spirit as the ones who lived very meager lives would suffer in the material world.

As all would endure KARMA, the big ego would watch over all making sure they would feel guilty, worry and have fear of an illusional reality. Many started fighting against others when in fact they were fighting amongst themselves, as this was the whole of the Universe but they did not see this.

Then one day a being came an confronted the dream and knew this was only a dream and sat in silence to allow the dream and its big ego to by pass this One to be Awakened. The One to be Awakened came to the self realization that just as the Soul has been tempted while ITS journey was to the physical so shall the journey out of the dream, world of ignorance, would be the same way. But the Soul was here before and knew of all these beings that were of illusional proportion. The evidence was in the arrival and departure of the reality in subconscious Awareness with ignorance as this was called birth and death and then rebirth once again until the moment came to the self realization that One must relieve Oneself from the ignorance. So this One took a journey and seen something out of the ordinary by subconscious standards and proceeded. IT found life actually to be very satisfying and pleasing as it kept quiet in the doings of it all. So for 3 days it experienced True Bliss and lost ITS identity but on the third day of ITS coming, Awakening IT aborted as IT felt that something was not right and had to go back into subconsciousness once again but this left a mark on the being that IT known someday something was there.

As many years rolled by, it was always in the back of the beings mind, and I say mind because it is contained and that is where all the beings of the prison of subconsciousness stayed, that someday It would see IT-self in whole once again. When I say this about being whole I mean both lobes of the beings brain become One in balanced and Now sees the path of the middle way and not one side or the other in constant battle with IT-self. So this being took another journey ridding ITS Awareness of negativity and shifting it inward, as IT Now sees the Soul in a positive Light. The same light IT was made of and Now IT has a purpose for existing as IT also found this to be in the present in which most call here, THE NOW.

After all ITS suffering year after year in trials of guilt, worry, fear, resisting, asking questions and becoming self righteous with an agenda for its ego and against others as to see lavish things in its life taking away from others which is really IT-self, IT Now was home free, as Now it understood that all these things in the subconscious life stayed in the subconscious life as anchors and learned to let go and became the TRUST OF THE SOUL IT truly was. As this was Divine Providence that a man who defied the death in the subconscious reality and sought through it as an illusion as well, said this is where the "TRUTH SETS YOU FREE", as Now you KNOW THYSELF and no other. Then the being really got this as a Truth, as all around was an illusion and was needed no more to continue on his/her journey and Now the being let go and walked into Consciousness never to be seen with an objective agenda with ignorance never again. But in the process of doing this the Consciousness that was opened to this being the being Now the Soul became the trials for others to accomplish on their journey of KNOWING THYSELF and becoming the Soul of Consciousness as well.

The openness was fully Aware of all-that-is and forever walked the path of the middle way as many more struggled but the Soul was there for there struggles to see them make it on their journey and finally advance into their Awakening as well. The Soul settle as well in calm, stillness and peace as IT did so wherever IT went. This is Enlightenment in my opinion as One has to struggle with suffering first to see the True Nature of where this suffering came from and where it ends. I hope you enjoyed this piece as well as I wrote it to you and good luck on your Awakening as well. Like I said this is my own personal opinion and my own experience. Enjoy as well(+)

Dom*Colucci 2010

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Comment by Dominic on May 23, 2010 at 7:59pm
Anytime my Dearest One...anytime,enjoy as well and btw Happy Sunday to you and hubby also(+)
Comment by Alexa on May 23, 2010 at 2:17pm
thnk you so much dom. 'suffer joy love forget.' yes, to forget. namaste
Comment by Dominic on May 21, 2010 at 4:55pm
Just remain positive with Thyself and the momet that has happen is to pay to much attention to it it is feeding its energy to in ZEN the four Chinese characters are..Suffer-Joy-Love-Forget...the last one is always tyhe hardest but once you see where you are being drawn postively and realize you are here Now and all outside is illusionary you have made yourself wonderfully alive and this is Knowing Thyself...enjoy Dearest One and have a great weekend as well(+)
Comment by Alexa on May 21, 2010 at 7:41am
today it is the section on Knowing Thyself, through the reflection in the other who has been giving me grief, that went... woa. it's hard to put into words. but many thanks brother. have a wonderful friday. we are set to have a gorgeous weekend over here!
Comment by Alexa on May 21, 2010 at 7:35am
excellent... every time! tx dom. is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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