“Lord, I don’t know what I should ask you, only YOU know what I do need. YOU love me much more than I love myself, so you know what I need. OH DEAREST GOD! Please give this your loving child the things he doesn’t know how to ask them for.” 
Fenelon, Francois de Salignac. Writer 1651-1715. Archbishop of Cambari 

Dear spiritual brothers and sisters, all of you, like me, feel the strong inner necessity of the wonderful and fulfilling glorious task of living like a true and deserving child of our Lord. I’ve discovered that the prayers, those from others as well as our own inspirations and also adding our always rewarding daily meditations have usually helped us on this sacred endeavor; because every single day of our productive lives is so different we need HIS blessed Help, but the hard work has been always ours to be carried out effectively. 
I have learned in my life that our karma, vocation and mostly our special technique regarding our spiritual development are the fundamental ingredients in this formula. Is there a graded ascent in consciousness? Of course, there is! How we experience it varies a lot. Here the issue is to be aware of it, to listen to our inner voice. To always write down those amazing golden moments. What everybody experiences is a greater clarity of mind. In my case I belong to the souls who share certain Karma liquidation, so this life has been devoted to service on the path. Now I understand the reason to be a waiter and headwaiter for twenty years, then an ESL Instructor for other twenty years and now I hope to be a spiritual guide for the rest of this productive life. 
God placed me on a path where I had to learn to trust and love mankind. First, in order to learn humility and healthy human relations I fed the body of many wonderful people from almost every nationality, so soon I discovered to see beyond the external appearances, to feel their true intentions, to attune with their auras. Next I was given the chance to understand how our mind works. How there must be an emotional involvement in any kind of learning. How, usually one approach is not enough; four approaches are needed at least; to find practical applications of our knowledge. To use our imagination and our intuition. In simpler words; the mental processes of all of my students, foreigners included because they wished to learn our beautiful language. Doing this sacred task I also benefited from understanding their emotional lives, their virtues, convictions and values. Now the golden time has come to do something about the most important part of our integrated Selves. Our eternal soul personalities! What a glorious blessing! I know that you are aware that the best way to teach ourselves is to do an excellent job teaching others. 
With a sincere humble heart I must tell you that souls like mine have been qualified to inspire and lead other spiritual siblings who share a similar spiritual plane. We, who are on the path, fully recognize that it has always been our vocation mainly responsible for acquiring the proper technique for our spiritual steady growth. Our vocation has given us countless golden opportunities of spiritual development! Bless be our vocations a billion times! 
Let’s not forget that our family relationships have also a lot to do with our eternal self-improvement. This writing will surely continue in a few more days with lots of brotherly love from the shrine of this Divine Heart to every one of your loving brave hearts! 


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Comment by Ezequiel Rodiguez on October 27, 2011 at 12:01pm
Comment by Alexa on October 27, 2011 at 8:08am
fantastico! and namaste <3

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