“The joy we knew, as we tarried there, none other has ever known”. These words from the old song reveal the unbelievable joy, peace and love of one who knows, one who has been there, done that, an enlightened soul. It is altogether understandable that such a one may feel they are uniquely blessed for it is beyond the human mind to imagine the ineffable joy and the peace that passeth understanding. Thus, the assertion “none other has ever known”. The light that transforms is not instilled by words, neither mine nor yours. The voice of God is silence. It is not however beyond the soul to know for the soul is truth and may mirror itself on this plane in full awareness.
The question arises, why has no one told us? They have, however the good news has been obscured by the obstreperous chattering of those who talk without the benefit of knowing. As mice, we are taught to scurry away with crumbs, soon to return for more crumbs, ever fearful that we will be caught absconding with that which is rightfully ours. The marvelous truth of our being is threatening to those who lust after earthly power, authority, position, and prestige. It also appears to be true that many if not most are dissuaded from releasing their human bondage for a more Godly existence simply because it is not intellectually possible to do so. That is to say, intellect alone cannot supplant the wisdom of the soul.
It is perhaps likely that the master may have felt that he was the first and only to experience this state of consciousness. He was not and is not. It was and is however a thinly populated realm. On the other hand, he may have simply understood that there is but one first and only although he or she has been among us many times in many places. Consider the concept of unity. We are all one. In that sense, he is the first and only.
Whatever the perceived truth of the matter, the mythology of the unique messiah has served to inhibit and frustrate all but the most fearless seekers. To draw the inference that he was/is unique is misguided, contradicts his own words and serves to limit the unfolding of the individual as well as giving an undeserved pseudo-power to many religions. Forgive them father for their oppressive arrogance.
The one trait that is common to all enlightened souls is the impulse to share the good news. The good news is that the potential for enlightenment is available to all. The master articulated this truth. The master embodied this truth. By the touch of his hand, he shared this truth. The bad news is that few attain to it, choosing instead to worship the lamp rather than the light.
Step over the dead for they would have you believe that you too are dead. There is only one barrier between you and God (Whatever you may choose to call him) and that barrier is within you. How long will we continue to look outside for that which is within? As long as we continue to look outside ourselves for the joy of truth to which we are entitled, we will remain without our true heritage. Earnestly examine the consciousness for the genesis of this fallacious notion.
Have we not noticed that the enlightened ones who have gone before and perhaps those who are with us now tend to be a bit abrasive to the establishment? Take note that establishment implies a cluster of power. The enlightened never lust for power nor do they seek to linger in the illusory security of such earthly power.
The power of divine omnipotence (the soul part of us) is eternal, omniscient, universal and infinite; it is in this world but not of it. It is the pearl of great price that awaits your discovery.
Enlightened souls are with us eternally;”Lo, I am with you always”. Feel free to call upon them. They will not ask for your resume, nor will they listen to a recital of your good works. They are not interested in your sins. They will not ask questions nor answer them. These things, you must do yourself. They will however remain with you eternally, the apparent source of that for which you are seeking. Love them as your elder Siblings and discover the miracle of divine communion. Simply talk to them, with love and without fear, and their words will flow to you, through you, and become your own. Be aware, that as you approach the goal, your eternal journey begins anew each day.

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Comment by dean meason on October 18, 2009 at 6:53pm
Ed, peace be unto you brother and good vision too.
Comment by Ed Howes on October 18, 2009 at 4:09pm
Very Good Post Dean,

I will allow the contradiction they won't answer questions as their words become my own, perhaps through another's blog post, enlightened or not. :)

Blessings X 10,


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