The National Protection Racket - Who Is Buying In?

If you have ever watched Mafia TV shows or movies, you know how the protection racket goes. You buy protection for your business or family from the people who pose the greatest threat to your well being. The scam is so successful, government put it into practice before anybody ever heard of the Mafia.

The national protection racket officially began in 1913. The creation of a private gang pf extortioners called the Federal Reserve Board/ System, was created by a U.S. Congress in official recess. To guarantee the protection payment collections at the same time, a voluntary Income Tax was created under the good old tax the rich flag. It taxed revenue from rents, dividends and capital gains at a very low and reasonable rate. Most volunteers had little problem with it and we all lived happily ever after - or not quite. The purpose of government was rapidly perverted from care taking to growth. The growth demanded expansion of the tax base and government went after volunteers who would agree wages and salaries were also income, just like rents, dividends and capital gains. Lo and behold, the government found millions of volunteers who agreed with it, as it always does.

The banker gang wanted more of the pie and created World War One to force government borrowing which the U.S. Constitution placed no limits upon, as though the founders knew how important national credit and debt would be to government growth. Nothing happened by accident or coincidence in those early years either. Men made plans and carried them out. Plans which provided them many advantages at the expense of the common wealth. But we don't talk about the personal ambitions of our great national I cons who, according to legend, were all self sacrificing philanthropists who would hardly harm a fly, which is how they won a bloody civil war we celebrate every July 4th and created a future civil war only a small number of us celebrate, except perhaps on 15 April of every year.

By the end of the First World War, government and debt had grown substantially, more people had to pay more protection money to pay for war and recovery, and of course, the prevention of the next one. It seems they are not popular with those forced to participate in and support them. But oh God, are they ever profitable for the right people! The development of technology, especially aviation and weapons, combined with a severe global economic depression, created by the banker gang, provided for another war, a greater debt, a larger government and a brand new national prosperity as a reward for national and international banking service. Plantation jobs for everyone and cheap single family homes with picket fences for most who wanted them. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, radio, television, indoor plumbing, restyled automobiles. The survivors were collecting their war dividends.

The question is, who is buying in to the great protection racket? Perhaps the question should be who is not. Here is my money, my reputation and my future. I beg of you to invest it in more growth for me and perhaps a safety net or two. Everyone who works for government at any level from town to national, has bought in. Everyone who wants a government job has bought in. Everyone with a government contract has bought in. Everyone who draws government benefits has bought in. Illegal immigrants are buying in and all corporations have bought in. All those who work for corporations have bought in. Of the few million who have been left out, at least half would like to buy in.

In 1913 the primary purpose of government was changed from citizen care taking to banking, growth and spending. Spend to grow, grow to spend. Pseudo citizens struggle to live on the same model but it does not work for them at all. Could it be the limits on their debt, the demand to repay principal, usurious interest rates and fine print add on fees? The trickle down theory works great in commercial banking. Today, two buildings are destroyed, a third one damaged and in the following five years all government grows by tens or hundreds of thousands of new bureaucrats, the national debt rises by more than two trillion dollars and people who don't know better worry about how their children and grand children will ever pay to keep the racket going. What few are able to see at the moment is; the racket is falling apart.

People who prefer not to see there is a racket are finding it harder to ignore. Adding the real crises of: oil dependency, global warming, environmental poisoning, genocides, plagues, crime, disease, rigged elections, corporate and government greed and corruption to the artificial ones of terror, drugs, "health" care, education, family values, gay marriage, bird flu, spreading global democracy, open borders and seaports, corporate downsizing, corporate outsourcing, union organizing - is all becoming just a bit much for the average policy holder. The house of cards is falling down and most of us will watch the public part on TV. It is a great comfort to know nothing bad is anybody's fault. "That's just the way it is. Some things will never change." Bruce Hornsby.

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Comment by Ed Howes on February 25, 2010 at 1:18pm
Thanks Velvet Violet, when our dear brother George said he wanted to create an ownership society, I knew the scam would soon follow, since we are not allowed to own much of anything on the great plantation. In most cases we rent and if we do not pay the rent we lose the use of the property. Now the greatest pool of national capital is personal retirement accounts and they are going after those to tax contributions 5% and perhaps make them collateral for future loans to finance government. The only question which matters to professional thieves is; where is the loot? is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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