In this info age it’s much easier to be committed to lifelong learning. I stared my interesting self-taught learning in the late fifties, continued all the sixties, seventies and eighties. In those years you had to have a library card so you could take some books home in order to study them. The great advantage I had is that I finished my studying of English in 1957. Across my hometown there is Brownsville Texas, so I was a frequent visitor to the public library. Here in Monterrey, where I currently live there is an American public library named BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Since 1965 I became a member from this library until about five years ago. In 2004 a former student gave me a computer. I have just a little experience using it. This article is not about myself is about all self-educated people around our Global Village, and all their very useful contributions. My inquietude is the following: WOULDN’T IT BE A GREAT IDEA TO UNITE DIFFERENT MINDS FROM DIFFERENT PLACES TO HELP SOLVE URGENT COMMON PROBLEMS? Cold facts have convinced our society that every self-taught person posses the ability to combine in a very harmonious manner symbols, rituals, knowledge, and values in their minds and souls. He or she is able to go through the different layers of culture extracting LA CRÈME DE LA CRÈME. We can imitate some of their practical and very useful techniques with a big amount of self-discipline. There is a wall on their path to make their contributions to society. They lack the necessary credentials. Nowadays our society is less reluctant to appreciate their contributions. In spite of this main obstacle we need much less quantity of prejudice from people in high spheres. All self-educated people have a very reliable mental programming plus know how, about the skill to reproduce in themselves culture. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY TO ADJUST THIS CULTURE TO OUR PRESENT NEEDS. I’d love that some of these readers came with some useful ideas to be shared with us at PPT. Improving education at all levels is everybody’s concern. Dare to participate! The technique of the master is ACTION, ACTION, and ACTION! Best regards Amorifer297. Thank you!

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