After experimenting with colors it is time now to scan different shapes and sizes of our everyday objects. Once more to our lessons which contain the instructions so you will be convinced of their effectiveness.

Please keep in mind that we still are disciplining our mind, so   it is time for our other perceptions to play also an important role. If we wish to get the reliable aid of our subconscious mind our cleansing ritual is a most, so please before sitting down sprinkle some water on top of your head; wash your hands and mouth to symbolize a well deserved entrance into the harmonious blending of our mind perceptions and our spiritual world. Sit down again facing eastwards and place gently both index fingers inside your ears, take three deep breaths, visualize each inner ear as it were a vibrating sphere and as both energies met in the middle of your head they are projected into your pineal body, visualize a perfect vibrating triangle, the energy from the tip of your right finger being attracted by the tip of your left finger tip and then travelling towards your pineal body which spiritually is at the top of your inner ears. Please check the included diagram. Remove your finger from both ears and focus your total attention in both nose drills, by doing this you will enhance your smelling perception. Now face southwards, close your eyes, take three deep breaths and absorb all the energy coming from this cardinal point. Allow your still inner voice to be listened. Remain on this position for about three minutes. Now, face westwards and repeat everything as in facing southwards. Our next step will be to face northwards and repeat the same previous procedure. Finish your circle by facing eastwards and once more repeat the action by placing your two fingertips inside your ears.

Lesson three; part one will deal only with horizontal and vertical lines.

Here are these amazing seven days:


Days one, two and three will be spent observing, recalling and filing only horizontal lines both indoors and outdoors; days four, five and six will be dedicated ay seven it is our subconscious mind’s turn to absorb both shapes, but instructing it to file them separately.


Our loving hearts with the help of our minds will ask very politely our brain to aid us by suggesting it the following on the first three days:



We will carry out the following instructions as we wake up.


  • “Dear brain we ask you in a sweet and effective manner to succeed in enjoying learning to see this physical world with a new fresh perspective by absorbing, retaining and filing in correct ways every horizontal line which I will with all my five senses absorb in a harmonious way. Thank you brain”


On days four, five and six we will address our reliable brain with the following words:


“Dearest brain, I wish that you help me scan, remember and file in a supreme way every single vertical line that I happen to experience even in my dreams. I thank you brain”


Our glorious seven day we will give our brain a day off, but instead of our brain we will ask politely for our subconscious mind great help by begging it with our following words:


“Dear subconscious mind which is very near our wise inner voice, all day long today I wish that you help me file in a harmonious sense every vertical and horizontal two dimensional line anywhere I am, doing whatever actions.”



After our daily meditation we will do the next:


Day one.-

“Today I will become an expert detecting, remembering and filing horizontal…horizontal…horizontal lines.”


Day two:

“I will really enjoy playing in my mind with every single horizontal line encountered today. Beautiful horizontal line---funny horizontal line----magnificent horizontal line”


Day three:

“Every apparently hidden horizontal line will be fully appreciated today! Learning by discovery is indeed an effective way to learn!”


Day four:



“Today I will become an expert detecting, remembering and filing vertical… vertical---- vertical lines.”

Day five:


“I will really enjoy playing in my mind with every single vertical line encountered today. Beautiful vertical line---funny vertical line----magnificent vertical line”


DAY SIX     

“Today I will detect any background vertical line while appreciating every detail of the foreground!”


Day seven:

“Every apparently hidden vertical line will be fully appreciated today! Learning by discovery is indeed an effective way to learn!”







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