The Full Red Planetary Moon (27th May)

The Full Red Planetary Moon

On the Full Red Planetary Moon of May 27, 2010, a torrent of remarkably POWERFUL FORCES will be unleashed. A COSMIC PULSE of PERFECTION, PRODUCTION and MANIFESTATION for all you could hope for and desire! This is the START of the UNIVERSAL ENERGIES that will build to the Conscious Convergence of July 17-18, 2010. The May full moon corresponds to “TONE 10 of the PLANETARY PULSE” and represents the principle allowing manifestation to occur, based on the coherence of the preceding 9 numbers.

On the RED PLANETARY MOON on May 27, Divine essence and the physical meet as one. The heavens touch the Earth; spirit and matter UNITE! The actualization of creative potential is at the heart of our nature, bringing depth, richness and importance to our lives. The entire manifest world is imagination brought to life!

This Planetary vibration cues us to consider what we are producing in our lives, and by what means. How are we manifesting our dreams? Are we incarnating our ideals? All that we bring to this world—our thoughts, words and deeds—contribute to the Planetary equation.

This Planetary frequency directs: Without judgment there is only perfection! To achieve maximum productivity: strive wholeheartedly to perfect all that you endeavor, yet also accept that there is an already existing, inherent perfection in all that is manifest, as it is, simply because it is manifest. Attempting to be overly perfectionist is actually counter-productive. Rather, allow perfection to be a continual process of aspiration. Let us delight in all that we have to bring to this planet, and enjoy all that this planet brings us.

The symbol for the RED MOON on MAY 27, 2010, appears like a BEACON; a portal inviting us into SELF-REMEMBRANCE of who we are in our purity. Red Moon is a messenger of the ever-present opportunity to renew one’s being; to rejuvenate; to cleanse ourselves that we may be free of toxins, falsehoods, distortions and dis-serving energies; to refine ourselves as clear vessels; to restore health and well being. Perhaps the strongest forces of purification and forgiveness---acknowledging the totality of our human experience as a divine gift and remembering we are ever learning, innocent students of life.

The power of UNIVERSAL WATER invites us to call upon our fluidity, adaptability, resilience and ability to change states. FLOW reminds us of the law of impermanence, asserting that change is the only constant in life. In a continual process of release and renewal, we cycle in phase with nature’s rhythms. If we are resistant to the flow of life in its patterns as well as its unpredictability, we may encounter unsacred stress or struggle, or overlook fresh opportunities presenting themselves. We can’t control the river of life, therefore its wise to yield to the momentum of the naturally arising circumstances.

Water is the largest component of our planet Earth and our human bodies! RED MOON advocates: hydrate you cells, bathe your bodies, cry your tears, claim your sanctity, go with the flow of your soul and celebrate all the wonderful and various manifestations of water, moonlight, oceans, clouds and rainstorms. May we honor this precious resource.

The HARMONIC COSMO-GENESIS of MAY 24-29, 2010 begins a cosmic countdown to the year 2012 that brings an ending and a new beginning to social, political, economic and geological cycles for America and the World. The LIVING PROPHECY that we are now voyaging through has many names ascribed to it, as it has been foretold by countless cultures and religions. The Hopi say we’re closing the 4th World of Destruction, preparing to begin the 5th World of peace. The Qui’che Maya declare that on December 21, 2012 we enter the 5th World Age - The Age of the Center. All common themes in the array of prophecy that we are processing and purifying all the imbalances of the dying world age.

We are transiting an era founded on duality and the turning away from the Great SPIRIT, resulting in greed, corruption, blind materialism and disconnection from Mother Earth. Collectively, we are poised at the brink of a World Age Rebirth, in which we enter new domains of consciousness and manifestation, redeeming the previous ages.

(Thanks to Korani for this)

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Comment by Alexa on May 26, 2010 at 2:50pm
perfect timing! thanks marianne!! is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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May we and all beings be completely healed

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