ELEMENTAL MEDITATION: Balancing your Dosha (body) using Four Elements Meditation

~ a practice to Cultivate Wellbeing and Intuition 

The four elements - Earth, Water, Air and Fire - represent the four key ingredients that make up all of life on earth. Add a fifth element, Spirit, and we have life itself.

Our physical bodies are composed of the four elements too: Earth, Water, Air and, one could say, Fire.

When our elements are in balance, we feel balanced. When one element dominates, while another waxes or weakens, we may feel off - sluggish, agitated, over- or under-regulated, or in others ways off-well. Working with the four elements is a key component of balanced living in both Shamanic and Ayurvedic principles and practices.

In basic terms, 
EARTH is our body.
WATER our blood.
AIR our breath
and FIRE our spirit, or the spirit (force) that drives our digestive and indeed all of our life-affirming systems.

ELEMENTAL MEDITATION (increases Intuitive listening skills & Wellbeing): 
Sit quietly in the morning and tune in one at a time to the 4 elements as they exists in your body. Take your time. Spend at least several minutes with each. 
Note which elements feel strong and which may feel weakened or low. Are any of the elements in overdrive? underdrive? Or otherwise in need of your attention.

Feel into these places and listen to any needs your body may have in order to feel more balanced. What foods, activities, types of exercise (more vigorous, or more gentle perhaps), beverages, spices or sweets, might serve your body's balance this week ... Do you need more water? more or less food? excercise? meditation? time for everyday tasks? or creativity? Write it down and follow those prompts to your best ability this week.

Tune in once a week and re-check each aspect. Follow the guidance you receive consciously and intuitively for at least four weeks (one month). At the end of the month, take note of how your body feels. 
Are you feeling more stable, present and whole (balanced) in your daily life?

Take notes. Practice often.

Live well ~ namaste

alexa.devi eaglefeather
Awakened Journey

March 15, 2015

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