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The enigma of Beauty
By the gentle gaze of the heart is beauty revealed
Beauty exists in and of the soul of the beholder and is an attribute of the divine. Of the many paths to enlightenment, the contemplation of beauty is available to all, for it is by the gentle gaze of the heart that beauty is revealed. The beauty discovered within is the beauty we observe in all creation. The search for beauty in whatever form leads us unerringly to the divine. The thirst for beauty is surely imbedded in our DNA as is the impulse toward the divine. The common thread between beauty and divinity is simplicity.It said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It may seem to be in the eye, the ear, the touch, or even the brain, but truly, it is in the heart. When we allow the divine force (which we call love) to flow through us the object of that love will be seen as beautiful (ask any mother). Ugliness can exist only in that space where we have withdrawn love. With gentleness, resist the urge to judge, for excessive aversion tends to hinder the impulse toward the discovery of beauty.The reluctance of some religions to accept the feminine aspect of the Devine all the while glorifying the horrific and warring tendencies of a patriarchal society reflects the mores from which it came. Such religious constructions are human, not divine and much, perhaps the most beautiful, has been denied us because of this bias. Without the maternal instinct, the process of creation would not work to create life and without beauty, there would be no reason for it. The warring tendency is not inherent in our DNA; it results from the perception of social constructs that are deemed unfair or that appear to cause inequalities. They exist only in the vacuum of spiritual ignorance.Is it possible that the age-old human problem with sexuality, a pendulum that seems to swing from extreme to extreme, would be amenable to a fresh look? If only we could become aware, that beauty, (an aspect of the divine), is absent if the lust for power, (ignorance of the divine within us) is present. So long as we continue to force the gentler half of humanity into a defensive, subordinate status, we can expect the problem to persist. The misguided attempt by some of a religious bent to redefine or deny nature has failed. Hopefully, the proverbial pendulum will come to rest in balance.Our life experience will mirror our love for beauty. Consider balance, harmony, and composition, tone, and rhythm, integrity, fidelity, gentle conversation, meaningful form, inspiration and perspective, Benevolent mischievousness and humor. Are these not elements of a fulfilling life as well as art? They are woven into the tapestry of our true nature and life. As you see beauty, beauty will see you.Peace......Dean

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Comment by Alexa (Surya Karuna) on January 1, 2009 at 5:03pm

Earth Beauty.
Happy New Year, Dean!




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