Always listen to the body. The body knows what it needs. Does it need excercise, a good rest, and when you are hungry, does it need a tomato, spinach, potatoes, a healthy portion of protein?

There is so much talk today about what you 'should' and 'shouldn't" consume. Well, consuming is eating. And eating is also for pleasure. And a healthy body will take pleasure from eating healthy foods. But what is healthy for you may or may not be healthy for the next body. And what is healthy to another may or may not be healthiest for you.

Just as we are, our bodies are individual. You cannot sometimes just pick up somebody else's way of eating just because it works for them. Maybe your body is different.

Some bodies do wonderfully on raw vegan foods. Others definitely need animal protein to be well. Who is to say? Who is to judge? Only you know. And you know because the body will tell you.

For me, I love milk. Yes, good old fashioned cows milk. I do not like cow's milk that is processed in cruel ways, in inhumane ways, or unnatural ways. And I advocate and take action against the commercial production of mass quantities of milk taken from cows in unnatural and inhumane ways. It hurts the cows. And that makes me angry and sad. It must stop.

But my body loves milk.

Everyone tells me: don't drink the (cow's) milk. if you must, drink goat milk. for your digestion, for whatever, cow's milk is not good.

However, my body sometimes craves cows milk. And when I respond to this, I feel good. I feel better. And stronger. My bones feel good. My body feels vibrant. Sometimes I must drink cow's milk. From humane natural farms. And when I do I feel really wonderful.

Other times I drink Oat milk. Oat Dream brand. I love it. Yes, it is vegetarian, which I love. I was a vegetarian for many years, but my body was always weak. I had difficulty feeling satisfied and satiated when I ate. I tried to eat enough protein, calcium, etc. But it never did well for my body.

My body craved chicken. I will eat chicken, turkey and some fish, though you do have to watch the mercury build up these days. But my body needs animal protein at times.

It was very difficult for me to go back to eating meat. I felt horrible. I had visions of the animals and it was traumatic for me. But now I buy chicken from the natural grocers. From humane farms. You can get it on sale and it is affordable. And I picture myself in God's divine plan, part animal, yes. I see the dolphins, how they eat fish. I see other animals that I love and they too must hunt to survive and live healthy. I bless my food, the mysterious chain of life and giving. I give thanks to the chickens that have given their lifetime that I may eat and I surrender to that mystery.

I won't eat cows, no beef. Definitely NEVER veal (baby calves, if you have not already, take this one off of your list immediately), no lobster (too cruel for words), and never order foi-grois (so cruel), and that is all I can say right now. But I will eat fowl (chicken and turkey), and yes, I love them too, but I have come to love them in a greater way as well. It is still hard. But my body needs this to be healthy. Some do say it is my blood type.

In any case, my body knows what it needs to be well. I can listen and respond to it, and I can do that in healthy ways. If it craves sugar, I find many healthy ways to nurture and enjoy it that way. If my body craves sugars or salt, then it needs those things to balance itself. And I lovingly respond.

And when I drink cow's milk, when my body calls for it, I know I am doing the right thing for me.

Listen to your body. The body always knows.

Just like your own intuition, your body tells you what is Truth for you.

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Comment by Alexa on August 4, 2009 at 1:29pm
I think if one has celiac, the body is not going to feel as well on gluten.
I actually eat a gluten-free diet, though I have not been tested for celiac myself. My body just feels better. Actually, one of our dogs is on gluten free now also and doing really well. And she loves her new food. That is what I am saying, just try things out, and listen to your own body. It will let you know.

I also know firsthand that there are TONS of great tasting (I mean really good) gluten free foods from bagels to cupcakes. So you can also have your joy and comfort foods. I have tried them all! All the brands. And some, maybe even many, may not taste great; but when you know what brands to buy... there are some, truly, options no one could tell the difference. (if Eric can eat them, believe me, they are good gluten free items!) So if you'd like a list of the brands to look for, can also share that.

And just FYI, with even my milk consumption, I do not overload it. I more often drink the oat dream which I also like very much (I don't do well with Rice or Almond milk for whatever reasons). But I do listen to my body. And I know milk can be a nourishing ayurvedic "medicine" for increasing certain nurturing energy. And so for me, an occasional milk when my body calls for it is wonderful. But for me also - my body says it likes gluten free foods. - ? So funny you asked. You try things out, and listen to your body.

My point is also that we need less stress, less pressure, less "shoulds and shouldn't" and less "I know what's best for you" and more of "my body says this is what's best for me." To trust that. and Enjoy and be free. and empowered frankly.

So also, since you asked, yes, I think if someone has a condition, diabetes could be another, than yes, they will find that their body feels best when they adhere to guidelines, Like me, I do adhere to (97%) gluten free, I just enjoy it. We each can find our own healthy way to eat, enjoy and nourish ourselves. And that is what will make the body feel good.

And again, one can always find healthy ways to satisfy what the body is wanting. And if a body has celiac, it will be wanting to stay away from gluten naturally, that is what I find. But the other cravings and such, and fun food for pleasure, can be met also gluten free. And over time, we find if we are paying attention, that what makes the body feel happy are good whole foods and proteins. And sometimes it's gluten free. It depends on the body.

And your body does adjust - the more balanced it becomes, the more it wants the stuff that it feels wonderful on, even to the taste buds. So I am not saying to give in to somethings that may harm your health. (And your body will tell you if something is a "no" for you. I mean, you wouldn't eat peanuts if they are going to make your body freak out, right?) So just listen to the body. It will let you know. And my point is definitely not an excuse to unconsciously consume anything, I mean, the body would say 'no I don't feel good with all this," right? I do think that when we are truly listening, our mind may say - ice cream sundae, but our body will be saying, no, not really. I mean to talk about what makes the body feel really good.

So with gluten free, a body with celiac will be happier without the gluten. And that's important. That's what's healthy for that body. That's what will feel good to that person. If they are listening to their body. Now if they are unsure if they have celiac, but have an intuition they might, and they don't just want to go gluten free anyways, then they can go get the test. From a certified celiac specialist, it can be hard to determine I hear, but the person should be eating gluten prior to testing. I have heard not to be off of gluten completely for the test to show up. But find out, and if it's celiac, I'll bet they would enjoy feeling better gluten free.
Comment by dean meason on August 3, 2009 at 3:57pm
What do you know about celiac Alexa?
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