It has been a hard year. More than a million dead from natural and man made disasters and millions more homeless. How are they doing? How will we do when our turn comes?

For the next twenty years, personal security is the finest investment we can make. Make a two year plan. A five and a ten. Never sell your investment. Hold it no matter what appearances are. I want such fine camping equipment I can starve to death anywhere in the world, in total comfort. Then I can focus on eating.

I too live in a place where the odds are better than even, I will have to give up my home. How about you? How will I be traveling? What and who will I want with me?

After comfort I look at food. How much should I carry for each person? Will I need to move more than a hundred miles? Will I need fuel to move, or can I move what I want with a bicycle and trailer? This means camping. Over nighters, week enders, Summer camps, etc. Can I be comfortable with 40 pounds of worldly goods? Can I start with more and shed as I go?

So I think of food storage in the event I get to stay home. I think of what food to carry if I don't and I plant a kitchen garden in total optimism. I plant separately to generate seed stocks of the things I want to grow next year. A well set up and run kitchen garden gives me superior food year round with great convenience.

Next I invest in super immunity. The coming plagues will kill people like flies because the antidotes will only follow the death and destruction. Can you hear and feel the fear in the media? When you take responsibility for your own super immunity and for those close to you, you have taken appropriate action against a threat far more serious than terrorism. Be Prepared! - No joke.
Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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