The Acceptability of Treason in America

On 19 October, 2006, Daniel Ellsberg published a confession. In 1964 he had in his possession secret State documents which if made public could have prevented the Vietnam War. He made them public in 1971. Richard Clark has admitted he was in possession of secret State documents in 2002 which if made public could have prevented the war in Iraq. He confessed in 2006.

Implied as a major cause of emotional turmoil in Ellsberg's confession was his loyalty oath. The oath requires one's loyalty to the U.S. Constitution AND the President of the United States. If I see the President lying, is that unconstitutional or do I cover his back? What really matters to me? An advancing career? Those who hesitated answering the questions chose in favor of their corporate bosses. Being the generous people we are, we excuse, enable and encourage them. "When I am standing up with my president, I am honoring my oath and I second his betrayal of a nation, or two, or three, or four, or. If you fault my loyalty, you are a traitor to the nation."

When a betrayer is commonly known, why do so many applaud his deeds? Surely it is because they know nothing of the betrayal, years after the fact. America sleeps soundly, knowing someone who loves them is standing watch. Sweet, sweet slumber. Wake us up when it's time to vote.

Treason has become a well seasoned tradition in the U.S. White House. Abraham Lincoln decided a unity government was more important than citizen or state's rights. He believed fratricide was the best or only solution. If there was a less violent and destructive option, poor Abe could not think of it. Possibly a consequence of chronic depression. He was the first and only White House traitor to be held fully accountable and properly executed - by a jury of one.

He ran for office to keep us out of war, made a shady deal with international bankers and sold America in 1913, then plunged us into the war to end all wars. He repented of his sell- out on his deathbed a few years later. He was the great White House traitor number two, Woodrow Wilson.

About 30 years later, President Franklin Roosevelt wanted to go to war against Germany, but the American people did not. He provoked the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, had good intelligence, knew where their aircraft carriers were and did nothing to prevent the attack. The next day America was on its way to two wars. White House traitor number three.

Lyndon Johnson tried to provoke an attack by the North Vietnamese. Failing to do so, he simply declared it happened. Since it would only be a little police action, the Geneva Conventions were thrown out the window just as they had been in the earlier Korean War. Does anyone see a trend?

Now we have the royal, righteous, King George, Prince Richard and Prince Donald. White House traitors 5, 6 and 7. Ethics, law and the Geneva Conventions are out the window. They fly Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan in November 2001 on Air Pakistan flights. No one in the chain of command says a word about this betrayal and line up for assignments in the next war. The people who ought to know and ought to care, re-elect them all. Now we are all complicit in high treason. There are no patriots in public service or the military, no matter what their illusions and delusions. We are the most powerful lawless gang on the face of the earth. Want to make something of it? Bring it on!
Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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