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Each day seems to bring new revelations about my self. I had the realisation why I don't get involved anymore. I don't join groups and I don't volunteer for anything. That way I can't let anyone down. I will help people out if they need and I can see they need help. In the past I went out of my way to help people, too much so, my family life suffered and so did my health. Now, Other than my family I don't like to have people rely on me. I have baggage from past lives that involves me feeling bad about letting people down. I also hate asking for help from anybody, though the past two years have seen a change there. So now I have something to work with, its only a small part of the problem but its one step closer to healing.


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Comment by Eric on January 12, 2009 at 12:56pm
It's all natural to feel that way. I used to try and help everyone I came in contact with. I didn't know how to set boundries for myself or how to say "no" Ultimately, I built up a huge resentment which almost destroyed me. My resentment centered around being taken advantage of. The more I said yes to those things asked of me, the more people took and took and took. Finally, I was left with nothing for myself. I was empty, I was a shell, there was nothing left to give. Today, I have the ability to say no, not be co-dependent and realize I don't have to "do" for everybody anymore. It is a relief.




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