Tap Into the Natural Flow of Abundance - Mirror/Mirror, Rebecca Tinkle

Rebecca Tinkle from Lifeparticle.com shares a mirror/mirror column on abundance
Dear Mirror/Mirror,
I really try to appreciate everything that I have. I know I should feel lucky to be healthy and independent, but I can't shake this fear that it could all slip away at any moment. I get so preoccupied with how temporary it is, that it's hard for me to be as generous and trusting as I think I should be. How can I change the part of me that resists abundance?
Sincerely, Scared of Scarcity

Dear Scared-y Cat,
You feel scared because fear about abundance and security is all around you. You look left, you look right, everywhere you look people are worried about losing what they have, are struggling to get by, or have already lost. If you are like most people, you may have tapped into the unhealthy collective consciousness about prosperity and abundance.

If you want to get better, you need to treat the illness, not the symptoms. I could just pat you on the head and tell you not to worry. But you will still be connected to that collective information of “lack” deep in the recesses of your subconscious mind. So, my advice to simply connect to more abundant consciousness, the earth’s consciousness.

The gift of the spring season is growth. Everywhere you look new life is unfolding; trees grow, flowers bud, even the air is full of the fragrant and intoxicating scent of life. You can use the growth oriented momentum of spring to lend you power to transform the limited beliefs about your own prosperity.

Sit under a tree. Allow yourself to rest. Feel the energy of the tree merging with your body. Feel the grass beneath you. Listen to the sounds of the birds, even the insects, all around you. Observe all of this activity, and sense yourself perfectly still as the center point. As you go deeper you will notice that you are not still, but in constant motion. Feel the movement of your breath, feel the beat of your heart, feel the slight sway of your body and your breath moves you. Observe this ever changing kaleidoscope of life. Allow yourself to become very relaxed. Allow your lungs to relax, organically pulling in more air with each breath. Allow all of your muscles to relax. Start at the top of your head and work your way all the way down to the tips of your toes, relaxing every muscle, organ, and cell. Feel the abundance of your life, the richness of your spirit inhabiting a human body. Feel the gift of your life.

Now open your eyes. Look around. Notice the richness of the colors, the perfect movement of every insect and animal. Observe the magical abundance of the space around you. What may have looked like a simple park before you began your meditation will now appear to be rich and plush with life, everything in perfect order, perhaps even the patch of grass that is browned and dried suddenly looks perfect in its place.
Are you worried? Do you feel a sense of trust that everything will be okay?

You have just tapped into the consciousness of the earth. Do this every day until the earth is the dominant consciousness in your field. When people around you talk about their worries about money, gently tell them that you are doing abundance training, and you cannot talk about money for one month. Allow yourself the space to relax and something new, and fantastic will naturally create itself within you.

If you are stuck in the space of “worrying about worrying” in regard to your abundance, you will stay there forever. If you allow yourself a new space, with new experiences, you will find that the memories of the space where you used to live will naturally fade away.

Rebecca Tinkle
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