Take heart fellow sensitives and keepers of the light, the days have been filled with plenty of fodder to keep us cleansing our deepest hearts and shifting towards who and what we are meant to be. Free.
As the shift continues to rattle our inner cores, remember that the purpose of all that is awakened arises to point us to those places that still need our attention and love. The grief, the fear, the heartache, the unrest, it is a shaking out of that which we've been carrying that is ready to be cleansed and healed. This is an opporunity for a good round of spring cleaning, a deeper and perhaps less sticky layer of the onion. It is true that we are ready to have old pains transmuted back to peace, to joy and wellbeing. To love.
Be gentle with and love these spaces. These aspects of you. Create plenty of time for yourself to allow these feelings and energies to express and clear. Listen and accept (embrace) what arises. These parts of you so need your love and deepest respect to transform. Thank these areas and feelings and bless them. Share with them how happy you are to set them free now with the words, "I see you. I honor you. I love you."
Be healed. Be gentle with yourself, and patient and kind with the process over time, as long as it takes. (It may not take as long as you think). And know that all is well.
Happy freedom clearing. ♥
And truly... this process may not take as long as you think. Be open and embrace everything. Don't try to change anything. Simply accept your precious pain, love it, and let things flow without judgement or fear. Use your love and awareness now to acknowledge and love your you.
Reminder: The clearing process can happen rapidly, or sometimes more gently over time, depending on your constitution. Just stay with it, letting it guide you and not vice-versa.
An additional practice is spending some time after clearing sitting in silent meditation. As you prepare for meditation, settle your being and quitely envision a world in which everyone enjoys a lifetime of health, joy, and vitality. Set the intention that everyone around the world receives the wonderful gift of perfect health. This is a good way to balance and settle your self and your consciousness for the rest of the day. And to simultaneously bring in the higher truth to fill those places that you are cleaning.
xxx so many blessings! ~~ <3 <3 <3

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