Super Wisdom Foundation to Eclipse Gates Foundation

The difference between a rich folks' philanthropy and a grass roots philanthropy should be obvious. One has more money than it knows what to do with and is wasteful and inefficient in its giving. The other has much more to do than money to do it, began and operates on a shoestring. A model of efficiency.

If who you are matters more to you than what you earn, you should be supporting and promoting the Super Wisdom Foundation One; Wherever you are on your journey of self discovery and spiritual growth, Super Wisdom can only benefit your journey. Two; As you gain personal experience with Super Wisdom, you become keenly aware of it's benefits and value for others and feel compelled to share it. (As I do) Three; Sharing Super Wisdom requires no more personal effort than directing traffic.

As a non profit foundation, Super Wisdom generates no profit but it does generate revenue, to meet expenses and expand its work. Essentially a shoestring bookstore operation since 1998, this small company only received its official non profit status recently. To celebrate, operator Tom Russell has added podcasting and an affiliate program. I became the first affiliate less than two weeks ago. (8/15/06) With a webmaster on vacation, I won't earn a penny until I get my links, banners and content in order on my web site. You, on the other hand, could begin earning in days or hours and assisting the growth of Super Wisdom. I cannot recommend it too highly.

The dawn of the New Age and the Information Age is all about the global awakening to higher consciousness. No more go along to get along. Now it is lead to create leadership. while many of us can claim to have global distribution, most of us are restricted to those people who read and read English in particular. A largely isolated and illiterate world, needs to receive audio instruction in its native languages before it can learn to read anything, in any language. English ought to be an option for awakening, not a requirement.

We now have some text translators for those who are literate in their native languages. This is a growth problem that will be solved soon enough. Audio translation can not be far behind. My point is that audio removes illiteracy as an obstacle to education and consciousness raising on a global scale.

If a company such as Apple Computers was to begin philanthropic work globally, they could divorce the world from Microsoft. An Apple laptop, solar battery charger, satellite transceiver and a dozen I pods for every town and village would make Super Wisdom content available to the world and create a vast market for some alternative computer hardware. Since Apple likely has corporate mind and not philanthropic mind, the whole thing may be left for you and me and Super Wisdom to do. Are you up for it?

I implore you to visit and spend an hour or more evaluating their work as a potential partner in a work which has all the potential to surpass anything Bill Gates might imagine. The opportunity is here. The opportunity is now. If you can't spare an hour, you clearly need more wisdom.

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